You’re the woman every Society Girl wishes they could be, a complex but incredibly sweet personality that has this whole world entranced. A muse to your milieu, it is not merely your air of delicate composure that inspires, but also your rose-tinted realism. You exude charisma, intelligence and elegance, and your sense of style and unwavering surety has never failed to keep your parade of loyal followers in step and clamouring for more. A scent turns heads as you enter the room and leave a lasting impression as you gracefully exit into the night.

Gifts To Cause A Stir

We all have our own definition of the perfect gift. But there’s little debate as to where it will be found. Why, Penhaligon’s of course. Consider these fragrances, won’t you? Your recipient will be delighted, no matter how they take their gifts.

Eau de Parfum

Rose’s coy eau de parfum conceals something more sensual – a hint of musky wood. Alas, the Duke is off gallivanting while his sweet young bride aches with desire. Won’t someone (anyone) release her?

£235.00 75 ml
Eau de Parfum

The Empressa leaves an impression. Her eau de parfum is laced with peach, vanilla and shimmering blood orange, as bright and stirring as the dawn. Her smile? Warm, lustrous, and unforgettable. 

£215.00 100 ml
Eau de Parfum

Waiting won't do for this lady. She knows exactly what goes on behind Palace doors, and her golden mimosa sways society's opinion. Her majestic scent of iris and musk greets with a darling smile as she begins to emerge on a sandalwood stage.

£175.00 100 ml
Eau de Parfum

A sweet, sensual fragrance, musing on the inspiration of the Mistress of the Robes. A powdery, majestic blend of iris, musk and sandalwood, with an underlying strength and longevity.

£0.00 1,5 ml
Eau de Toilette

The Moon Goddess’ bath is as soothing as it is seductive, much like her eau de toilette. It shines with orange, jasmine, soft rose and fir balsam. Relax. Sink in. Surrender has never felt so sweet.

£175.00 100 ml

This Hand Will Win Their Heart


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The sun shrouds the senses in a haze of tuberose. Winds cradle heady white flowers – intoxicated by warmth, succoured by spice. A sensual candle plucked straight from the heart of perfumed islands.

£65.00 200 g
Fragrant tales unfold on the hands. Quercus sings of springtime; The Favourite smiles with mimosa; and Luna sings a lullaby of lemon and fir balsam. Enchantment at one's fingertips (so smooth!).
£84.00 3 items

The Empressa lathers the skin in a scent as lustrous as her smile. Shimmering blood orange, peach and vanilla. Absorbent as a fleeting caress, the fragrance of her Dry Body Oil lasts like a memory.

This product is sold unboxed.

£65.00 100 ml
Bathe in the moon goddess' pearly light. Warm orange and shimmering jasmine twinkle beside fir balsam. A midnight pool of perfect gifts, one likes to imagine.
£100.00 2 items

Who dares lean in for a kiss? The Lady asks that you greet her in the same fashion as a gentleman. Though her handshake appears softer, and charmingly scented with smiling mimosa, mischief, and musk.

£28.00 75 ml
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