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Fragrance family: Woody

OPUS 1870

A masterpiece, of course. Classic, without ever being de rigueur. A delicate waft of incense meets invigorating yuzu – a bracing, brilliant fragrance, and not a bit heavy.

5 reviews


Eau de Toilette

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Head Notes

Bourbon Black Pepper, Yuzu Fruit, Coriander


Heart Notes

English Clove Rose, Cinnamon, Incense


Base Notes

Cedarwood, Australian Sandalwood, Gaiac Wood, Musk


5 reviews

The classic all-rounder

Opus 1870 is the perfect scent for a guy who normally doesn't wear perfume. The lovely sales rep at Penhaligon's Covent Garden was super patient whilst I tried to figure a scent that I liked and selected Opus 1870. It is uplifting, fresh and woody that embodies a refined masculine scent and the yuzu transports me to fond memories of my adventures in Japan. That said, I have female friends who also enjoy Opus very much so it's a classic all-rounder for those who enjoy woody citrus scents. I spritz Opus in the morning to kick start the day! IG: shaunriles

by Shaun Reilly

30 Jun 2020


Opus 1870 is the one fragrance in my growing collection that I can count on to get compliments, it is guaranteed. This refined fragrance is a show stopper, people will stop you and ask what you are wearing. Experiencing this elegant scent is like a spiritual pilgrimage to a higher plane, or finally finding the mythical Shangri-La after a long sojourn.

by Christopher Craig

10 Sep 2017

Hits All The Right Notes

Once you smell Opus 1870, you won't forget it. A perfectly blended and undeniably masculine fragrance, Opus 1870 will leave everyone you meet while wearing it wondering what the amazing cologne you're wearing is called. The two most detectable notes, to me at least, is the masculine, woody cedar note, and the sensual and bold black pepper note. And let me tell, those are the only two notes you'll ever need. A must buy!

by Nicholas Willig

04 Apr 2014


This is an absolutely divine fragrance that I truly enjoy wearing.

by Catherine Lehman

01 Apr 2014

A Classic

If you are torn between getting something that is a traditional scent or something a bit more modern Opus is an excellent place to start. I gave this as a gift to a friend who "wasn't really into cologne" and he LOVED it. Wears it every day. It's masculine but not heavy or musky. It's like a more refined version of something out of a barber shop. I highly recommend.

by Benjamin Esparza

08 Nov 2013

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True to their name, this family is dry, fresh and woody in tone. Be it sandalwood or cedarwood, a woody note is always distinctive, bestowing upon its wearer an air of sophistication.

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