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The Empressa leaves an impression. Her eau de parfum is laced with peach, vanilla and shimmering blood orange, as bright and stirring as the dawn. Her smile? Warm, lustrous, and unforgettable.

14 reviews

The Empressa leaves an impression. Her eau de parfum is laced with peach, vanilla and shimmering blood orange, as bright and stirring as the dawn. Her smile? Warm, lustrous, and unforgettable.

14 reviews

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Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum

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Oh my goodness, where do I even begin with this scent?! It is quite simply divine. Perfection in a bottle and it looks stunning displayed on my vanity! This one is so deep and luxurious, I really feel so glamorous every time I wear it. Yet somehow, its the perfect scent for every occasion - it's still light and airy enough to wear during the day (which is why it immediately became my signature scent) but also deep and sultry enough for after-hours! It is remarkable how dynamic this fragrance is... IG @graciedarl

By Grace Downing 01 Jul 2020

Transports you to a land far away

With head notes of bergamot and madarin and base notes of sandalwood, musk and amber. This beautiful parfum will transport you to an exotic garden in a far off land. Your skin will feel as though it's been kissed with exquisite drops of pure gold. This fragrance is a lustrous mix of warmth and freshness that will leave a trail of sensual joy wherever you go @kimberleyjane_19

By Kim French 01 Jul 2020

Fresh reminiscence

Memories of a beautiful day rush back as I catch the subtle notes of the Empressa: the fresh, fruitiness of the fragrance lingers not only in my mind, but on the veil that was placed so delicately on my head. The graceful scent that fills the bottle gives true to the name, and the vibrant green ribbon so finely wrapped around the neck adds to the elegance. It’s a special perfume; well-crafted, empowering, strong yet delicate. It’s the Empressa: bound to make you fall in love. @asmahsacha

By Asmah Sacha 01 Jul 2020

All Hail The Empress

Courtly but also comely, Empressa undoubtedly leaves the heads you turn reeling from gentle wafts of quiet yet impressionable confidence through exotic spoils of refreshing citrus and warm florals. Truly, the elegance of an Empress comes from making a bold statement without so much of a word — the perfect scent for the perfect inner power. (Instagram: @la_ninners)

By Nina Ashlie 01 Jul 2020

Nostalgic Prowess

With essences of fragrance past and a rich, but delicate aromatic blend of citrus, vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood, creates a beautifully floral, woodsy and citrus-based aroma. Both sweet and punchy - and with a luxurious Emerald green bow and case - you will be a woman to be reckoned with when wearing Empressa. After convincing my flatmate to purchase this because it is such a 'her' signature smell, I found I became enchanted with Empressa's nostalgic prowess and it will now forever hold a special place in my heart as it reminds me of a dear, dear friend. IG; wildeperfumer

By Holly Wilde 01 Jul 2020

A Delight

Empressa is a magical fresh and powdery scent that lingers in sensuality and elegance. It is most loved by those who envelope in it's super lightness and luxurious scent - my mum is a convert after relying on overpowering scents of high-end brands perfumes. It is the perfect day to night perfume with the scent of vanilla with hints of fruits and woody smells ever so present. The gorgeous bottle and green bow is a perfect encapsulation of it's luxury. I have the rollerball to accompany me on my trade routes travels. Empressa does impress! IG: babymelon

By Helen Zheng 30 Jun 2020

this scent is out of this world.

everyone loves this scent on me I love this scent on me. its the right amount fo sweetness and freshness at the same time. a great balance the story behind this perfume is also beautiful. I would recommend this perfume if you like vanilla and sandalwood as base notes. the rest of the notes come out beautiful as you wear it through out the day.

By ayan jama 30 Apr 2020

Best feminine fragrance ever!

When you get your first sniff of the sweet and fresh notes of this fragrance you can't help but love it! It is a very well balanced scent with feminine and elegant notes without being overpowering which makes it perfect for day and night use equally. The scent on the skin feels like a luxury treat and if you combine it with the matching body lotion it becomes a truly heavenly experience for all your senses. .

By Orquidea Sanchez 30 Apr 2020

Shimmering.... yes!!

A sparkling chypre fragrance, silky and delightful to wear. Blood orange, mandarin and bergamot open over rose, geranium, cassis and cardamom. These facets give Empressa a sensual, floral, fruity, citrus feel over the slightly sweet fragrance of frankincense and caramel. Happy to see that the earthy and tart absolute of patchouli is present in the base. Shimmering.... yes!!

By Anne Quaife-O'Donnell 28 Apr 2020

The Best Perfume For Women Ever!

Every time the female members of my family smell this perfume, they immediately love it. That is why this is a must buy for me for birthdays or Christmas. The smell is divine and sweet! People always stop my cousin in France, asking her what the name of the perfume is. A big hit!

By Yann RETHO 22 May 2018

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