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The Bewitching Yasmine

Yasmine’s sights are set on London – and a suitable match. Her oriental fragrance is a voluptuous affair: jasmine, incense, oud. A celebration of all that is gloriously sensual. Who could resist?

8 reviews

Yasmine’s sights are set on London – and a suitable match. Her oriental fragrance is a voluptuous affair: jasmine, incense, oud. A celebration of all that is gloriously sensual. Who could resist?

8 reviews

75 ml

Size 75 ml
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Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum

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Reviews 8 reviews
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A Potion in a bottle!

For me this falls into the gourmand category and is for the lady who isn’t shy of making an impact. In the initial first hour you’ll get a powerful burst of aromatic dry wood, the type burning on the fire. This then transforms into a less smokey smell and you start to get the sweet cardamon and coffee coming through. The dry down continues and the sweet coffee turns into a spicy creamy aroma with oud incense. If you like oud to be discreet and not overwhelming then this potion is the one for you. It is strong and unique, expect to be stopped when wearing this. @aneeka__poetry

By Aneeka Tanveer 01 Jul 2020

The Bewitching Yasmine

I just reviewed my forever favourite scent ‘The Bewitching Yasmine’ to enter the Instagram competition. My handle: @rasheda.3 Thank you x

By Rasheda Khan 30 Jun 2020


Enchanting embrace of jasmine blooms caressing you sweetly, leaving you bewitched and mesmerised with the mysteriously alluring oud incense, so glamorous, so captivating with feminine charm. Beautiful and rich long lasting scent, my forever favourite!

By Rasheda Khan 30 Jun 2020


Enchanting. Some might say entrancing, beguiling the senses. To breathe The Bewitching Yasmine evokes the sensual pleasures of golden silk and the richest, softest burgundy velvet. Smoky and sweet, the heady incense, hypnotic oud and delicate jasmine mellow into an intoxicatingly deep vanilla that entices one closer… and closer… and closer… Resistance is impossible. Surrender is sublime. Let Yasmine bewitch you entirely. Review by @princessofcleve

By Joanna Hayes 29 Jun 2020

So bewitching!

I went in buying this perfume blind as I have never had a smell of it before. I love the bottle design especially as I'm a cat person and love the colour. The box it came in is also beautiful. When I had my first smell of this perfume I was instantly in love with the scent. So glad I bought it and will be treasuring it.

By Lauren Muter 04 Jun 2020

As bewitching as its name!

I first discovered this fragrance when I started to work for the brand and immediately fell in love with it. It is the perfect grown up seductive scent for someone who wants to feel elegant, feminine and sensual in a very sophisticated way. Penhaligon's has managed to encapsulate all these elements in a scent that will have you smelling like a goddess for hours on end!!

By Orquidea Sanchez 30 Apr 2020

Alluring and decadent!

Yasmine enchants you with a smoky, soothing aroma of coffee essence blended with a sultry vanilla and a heady jasmine note. The ultimate NOTICE me scent which captivated my imagination from the very first spray. Yasmine has to power to transport you to exotic lands. Divine, elegant and captivating!

By Aisling Mulvin 27 Apr 2020

Excellent And Enchanting!

I knew almost from the minute that I had a sniff, that this was the perfume for me! While this will vary from person to person, I find that the scent of incense is the most prominent on me - with a seductive and deep undertone of vanilla. Not light girlish vanilla, but something sultry. Having been wearing it regularly for about a week, I find that the scent lingers pleasantly throughout the day - it does, eventually, weaken...but overall it appears to have a good staying power and I don't have to bathe myself in it. It's a fantastically rich scent and now the staple of my cabinet!

By Jasmyn de Vien 15 Sep 2017

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