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Behold the famous Tudor rose – the flower of England. Inspired by the coming together of houses York and Lancaster, this airy eau de parfum is a harmonious union of rose, hazelnut leaf and vetiver

11 reviews


Size 30 ml
Eau de Parfum

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11 reviews

Penhaligons Team Member HQ

In love with this unique scent, would definitely recommend if you like soft floral scents. Gorgeous all year round scent!

by Jyotsna Randev

21 Sep 2021

The most gorgeous fragrance

This was a blind buy for me. I bought the Scent Library and the Elizabethan Rose was not included. I am so happy with this purchase! It’s everything I’ve been looking for in a “signature scent”, my husband loves it as well. I hope this is available for years to come!

by Brittney Tatum

17 Apr 2021


I’ve recently discovered Penhaligons..... I’ve just ordered in total 8 bottles this being one of them. I can’t explain just how beautiful this perfume is! I’m tempted to by another as this is certainly one of my favourites, after wearing this perfume for a few hours I just want to keep smelling my wrist, it’s certain I am now a massive fan of this amazing shop! And the bottles, boxes are to cute!!

by Aca Ticehurst

16 Jan 2021

A Most Historical Bouquet

Featherlight and wholesome, this elixir spells so much of love, life and infinite possibilities. Just like the caress of a lover dear, this English Rose excites the body, comforts the mind and reassures the soul. Perfect, I daresay, for chronicling your own history. (Instagram: @la_ninners)

by Nina Ashlie

01 Jul 2020

A truly modern rose fragrance

When I was a little girl my passion was making rose water perfume in the garden, I was obsessed with doing this!!. The fragrance of that perfumed water evokes such beautiful memories for me, I have never been able to recapture them....until now. Elizabethan Rose is the most perfect Rose fragrance, the heart notes take my back to the garden of my childhood. But its not traditional, the head notes give a subtle kick and when the fragrance drys down the Vetiver base is exquisite, making this a really grown up modern Rose fragrance. Thank you [email protected]

by Ruth Crawley

30 Jun 2020

Elisabethan Rose By @favoursforsailors

Elisabethan Rose, I place a dab of nectar upon my skin, Taking deep, gorgeous breaths of fragrant flowers just as did her majesty did in distant hours, Enchanted, eyes closed, reminiscing of perfect summers spent in my grandparents garden amongst the flowers, Being The same height as the rosebushes gave us a space to put our little noses, Making our own rose petal perfume with rainwater and dandelions, mixed with a twig in an old plant pot. Wasn’t perfect, but the scented memories are. Exhale. I feel beautiful @favoursforsailors

by guest Lund

29 Jun 2020

A rose by any other name...

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". To quote the immortal words of Shakespeare, this elegant fragrance evokes deep feelings of true romance and all affairs of the heart. Wearing Elizabethan Rose transports you to an English garden in the month of May, the heady scent of old roses filling the air. I am once again a child, my Mother holding me up in her arms so I can take in the aroma of her favourite flower, a young lady in the grips of first love, memories coming back to me as I pick up the beautiful bottle to once again immerse myself in this most adored perfume @alice.fraser

by Alice Fraser

29 Jun 2020


Best scent ever I am in love with such a wonderful scent. It’s unique. Recommend 100% if you like a soft floral smell. @chavitanieves

by Rosalba Ramirez

29 Jun 2020


I am in love with this scent! It smells like floral and it’s soft. I had so many complements about the scent, it’s unique. Thank you for doing such a great scent ❤️. I love it ELISABETHAN ROSE .

by Rosalba Ramirez

29 Jun 2020

Such a beautiful expensive scent

I am in love with this scent! It doesn't smell exactly like pure rose oil... it smells like the French Riviera... like you're staying in a heritage hotel, all in white and pastel tones, with lots of flowers around, and you are wearing couture. That kind of scent! It also lingers in the air after you leave the room. I wore it sitting on my desk and when I left, there was this floral aura that one could smell around the desk. Incredibly original and memorable. This is so far away from mainstream perfumes. I feel like the packaging doesn't reflect the beauty of this scent

by Anna Pelova

17 Apr 2020

My Most Favorite Rose Scent So Far

I love the smell of roses. My ideal perfume is where I smell like I've walked through a rose garden. This scent is as close as I've ever gotten to that. I researched multiple rose perfumes for over a month to find a perfume. After many reviews read on multiple brands, I found Penhaligons, I was sad to know they're no where near my area (Pittsburgh) to be able to sample sniff all their lovely looking scents, so I blindly bought this perfume. When it arrived today I sprayed it on a piece of paper and gave it a wiff....I fell in love. After I had a shower I put it on, and I'm overly pleased. It's beautiful. Some may say it doesn't last long, I think this is a kind of scent that you personally won't notice all the time as you wear it. Except you'll make a movement and you'll get a wiff of lovely roses, so you'll definitely be noticed as you walk by someone, it's not over powering it's just gentle and alluring. I'll definitely be testing other scents from Penhaligons but I have a feeling this will end up my signature scent.


07 Jun 2019


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