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Step into the workroom of Norton & Sons, bespoke tailors of Savile Row, and breathe in. Steam, beeswax, leather and lavender. Vanilla-sweet notes of tonka bean. A dapper scent for dapper gents.

15 reviews

Step into the workroom of Norton & Sons, bespoke tailors of Savile Row, and breathe in. Steam, beeswax, leather and lavender. Vanilla-sweet notes of tonka bean. A dapper scent for dapper gents.

15 reviews

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Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette

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Just Right

Robust but not overpowering - long lasting but doesn't go stale.

By Neil Nortcliffe 22 Aug 2017

The Perfect Scent

I can't get enough of Sartorial (even bought the beard oil). It's a scent I prefer to wear on a formal occasion, and I always get enquiries as to what Im wearing. Very Masculine.

By Daniel Lee 07 Sep 2016

Fabulous Fragrance!

This is my daytime/work cologne. Sophisticated yet soft. Definitely a luxury scent. It goes very well with any Penhaligons fragrances. If you wear this, expect compliments!

By Justin Derossett 20 Aug 2016

The Best Penhaligon

This is my favarite Penhaligon I have purchased so far. I say this because it's the most powerful long lasting and smells great. Trust me a 50ml bottle would easily last a year of daily use. Mine will probably last twice this as I only wear weekends and the odd day doing something special.

By Darren Murdoch 26 Jul 2016

The Only Signature Scent You Will Ever Need.

It's time to stop wearing the after shave you were given for Christmas. It's time to stop buying a bottle on the basis that you liked the advert. It's time to stop smelling like everyone else. And it's time to choose a signature scent. Sartorial is it. In a world of sweet, cloying generic scents, Sartorial sounds proud, confident and understated, like the men who wear it. Simultaneously classic and modern, a few sprays of Sartorial will not announce itself to the room as you enter, but will last forever in the memory of the woman who gets close enough to smell it.

By David Mayor 31 May 2015

Fluent Elegance

No tutorial or class can make a gentleman with eloquence. However, this fragrance bottled in glass will enhance your sartorial elegance. A warm masculine fragrance.

By Craig Hooper 10 May 2015

Best In Class

Favourite scent in the Penhaligons gents range. Would welcome more products in the Sartorial line.

By Thomas Stratford 07 May 2015

Wonderful Scent

one of the best fragrances I have ever had

By Richard Conrad 05 May 2015


simply a classy classic fragrance that always gets people's noses interested.

By Chris Norris 05 May 2015

I ordered a sample of this as well as Endymion and Juniper Sling as i was looking to invest in a large bottle (i went for Endymion in the end which is fantastic!) and to be honest i was surprised at how much i really dislike this fragrance. It reminds me of a certain aftershave my dad used to wear, the name of which rhymes with flute, it smells cheap and metallic and nothing like i was expecting. Really disappointed!

By Christopher Virgin 08 Apr 2015

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