bath and body - SELF CARE SETS

Indulge in the gifting collection, an assortment of delightful fragrances, nourishing hand creams, refreshing body & hand washes and soothing lotions. After all, it pays to be both the giver and recipient. 

Blenheim Bouquet Aftershave Balm

A cocktail of lemon, black pepper and pine, fresh and fragrant as British wit.

£34 150 ml

Endymion Aftershave Balm

A chap can feel as dashing as a Greek god with this scented aftershave balm.

£34 150 ml

Endymion Shaving Cream

A shaving cream of the highest calibre, for the highest calibre of gent.

£34 150 ml

A Trio Of Bath Soaps

Was £72. For an exquisitely rich lather and fragrant finish, indulge Penhaligon’s trio of Bath Soaps.



A fresh-scented deodorant of citrus, basil and woods makes social engagements a breeze, dear chap.

£24 75 ml

The Countryside Oak Gift Set

Was £86. A gift set of some sophistication, scented with basil, lemon and a woody depth.


The English Springtime Gift Set

Was £131 Bask in an oak’s shade and experience fresh bursts of citrus fruit and basil.


The Goddess Of Stars Gift Set

Indulge in an ethereally floral scent with Luna’s Hand Cream, Body Lotion and Soap.



Was £140. Experience the divine scents of exotic lands, with this trio of Trade Route gifts.



Indulge in a trio of the Moon Goddess’ treats, scented with bergamot, jasmine and musk.


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