JUNE_SALE - Top Picks Under £30

Heavenly scents abound! Penhaligon’s is delighted to present an array of fabulously fragrant products for under £30.

Blenheim Bouquet Body & Hand Lotion

The Duke of Marlborough’s classic citrus scent in a rich hand and body lotion.

£42 300 ml

Savoy Steam Body & Hand Lotion

A nourishing lotion scented with fresh roses, pink pepper and rosemary.

£42 300 ml

Orange Blossom Body & Hand Lotion

A hand and body lotion, or a sun-drenched kiss of summer upon one’s skin?

£42 300 ml

Elisabethan Rose Body & Hand Lotion

A regal and demanding rose fragrance in a delicate Hand and Body lotion.

£42 300 ml

Luna Soaps

The Moon Goddess’ perfumed soaps bring softness and seduction in equal measure.

£30 3 x 100g


So warm, so familiar, so unmistakably lavender. At Penhaligon’s, we use only the best (naturally).

£25 140 g

Appetising Apple Lip Balm

A refreshing apple flavoured lip balm to bring moisture and shine to one’s smile.

£12 15 g

Passionate Papaya Lip Balm

Castaway to the tropics with this fruity papaya flavoured lip balm.

£12 15 g

Number One Lip Balm

A soothing lip balm scented with vanilla. Vitamin E nourishes and protects.

£12 15 g

Violet Lip Balm

Moisturising lip balm with a sweet, powdery kiss of violet.

£12 15 g


A lip balm that captures the honeyed floral haze of orange orchards in bloom.

£12 15 g

Halfeti Soap

A love letter from Halfeti: bath soap scented with spiced rose, oud and amber.

£30 3 x 100 g

Rose Lip Balm

Carry a rose with you everywhere you go with this delightful lip balm.

£12 15 g

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