The most jaw-dropping show in the North Pole has pitched up a tent at Penhaligon’s. Come one and all to discover nostril bending novelties, arresting scents, and fragrant finales festooned with a darling bow.


Prove your eye on each day of advent and sniff out the twenty-four scented gifts behind each door.

£375 1 unit

Luna’s Grand Debut

Falling is easy-trapezy with Luna’s festive gift set of 100ml scent and 300ml Body & Hand Lotion.

£175 1 unit

The Showmen

The crowd roars for a festive gift set of five 5ml showmen scented with the strength of ten.

£40 5 x 5ml

Halfeti Makes A Splash Gift Set

Goodness gracious! Make a splash with a gift set of Halfeti’s 100ml fragrance and 300ml Wash.


A Trio Of Bath Soaps

Was £66. For an exquisitely rich lather and fragrant finish, indulge Penhaligon’s trio of Bath Soaps.

£57 3 x 150 g

The Countryside Oak Gift Set

Was £88. A gift set of some sophistication, scented with basil, lemon and a woody depth.

£75 3 items

The Treasures Of Trade Routes

Was £124. A gift set for superior tastes, experience the exotic with The Treasures Of Trade Routes.

£106 3 items

A Crisp Cocktail Gift Set

Was £118. An Eau de Toilette and Wash scented with fresh juniper, black pepper and angelica.

£100 2 items

A Spritz of Halfeti Gift Set

Was £230. Love blossoms so quickly in these parts. Thanks to Halfeti’s Hair Mist and fragrance, that is.

£196 2 items

Climbing With Quercus Gift Set

Was £89. Citrus and woods. A gift set of 30ml cologne and a Hand Cream to soothe and scent skin.

£75 2 items

Enveloping Halfeti Gift Set

Was £290. Halfeti’s gift set envelops the body from head to toe, with a scent, Body Oil, and a Hair Mist.

£247 3 items

Havana To Halfeti Gift Set

Was £122. Chatter and spice in a gift set of a Maduro Leaf 200g Candle and Halfeti’s Soap and Hair Mist.

£104 3 items

Home At Last Gift Set

Was £145. A triumphant home gift set – two 200-gram Candles; Maduro Leaf and Comoros Pearl, and long matches.

£123 3 items

Luna’s High Tea Gift Set

Was £106. Drift on a cloud with a gift set of Luna Deodorant, 150-gram Soap and 200-gram Ceylon Pekoe Candle.

£90 3 items

Luna’s Loving Grasp Gift Set

Was £100. Surrender to the divinity of Luna with a floral gift set of 30ml scent and Hand Cream.

£85 2 items

Promise Of Halfeti Gift Set

Was £62. Halfeti’s gift set of Hair Mist and Soap sings with the promise of grapefruit, rose and spice.

£53 2 items

Put Your Hands Together Gift Set​

Was £72. A gift set of Penhaligon’s three fabulous Hand Creams. Luna, Quercus and The Favourite.​

£60 3 items

The Curious Cocktail Gift Set

Was £235. A gin-scented muddle of Body & Hand Wash, Body & Hand Lotion and eau de toilette. Drinks all round!

£200 3 items

The Sparkling Luna Gift Set

Was £62. Luna’s divine gift set of 150-gram Soap and 30ml Hair Mist, anointed by orange, rose and balsam.

£53 2 items

A Fanfare of Fragrances

The perfect discovery gift set awaits the dunking booth. Ready your neck as noses take the plunge.

£25 10 x2ml

Halfeti’s Showstopper

Halfeti’s gift of eau de parfum and Body & Hand Wash leaves every carnival-goer’s head in a spin.

£195 1 unit

Leading Ladies

A festive gift set of five feminine scents that are known to steal hearts, glances, and the show!

£40 5 x 5ml

The Moonlit Mist Gift Set

Was £193. The Moon Goddess’ bath ritual - eau de toilette and Body & Hand Wash.

£164 2 items

The Favourite’s Ritual Gift Set​

Was £104 . Layers of mischief and charm. A Hand Cream, a Body & Hand Wash and a Body & Hand Lotion.

£88 3 items

The Marlborough Soak Gift Set

Was £80. A lavender and citrus scented gift set of Body & Hand Wash and Lotion.

£68 2 items


Was £158. A cocktail of lemon, pine & pepper scents this Fragrance, Body & Hand Wash.

£134 2 items

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