Caring For Your Candles​


Penhaligon’s believes there to be but one absolute truth when it comes to candles. “Treat your candle right and your candle shall treat you right”. All else is subjective.

So, allow us to wax lyrical, in case you were wondering – on the art of candle care. There’s no need to fear, you’ll have it memorised in no time at all.​

caring for candles




Got a Match? 

The first time you burn the candle, be sure to make a proper occasion of it. Burn for at least two hours or until the top has liquefied.

The burn time for Penhaligon’s Classic Candles is 30 hours. The large 50g candles burn for 110 hours. Perfect for those late-night melting moments.​


Just a Little off the Top

Re-centre the wick while the wax is still soft. Do be sure not to burn your fingers though, won’t you? In particular, this applies to the three wick candles. Hold the wicks upright out of the wax until they stand still – to attention.​ Trim the wick to 5mm to avoid smoking and prevent it from looking a little skew-whiff.​


Paint by Candles

Scent is, obviously, the most important factor when it comes to selecting a candle. Should you find your decision a tad tricky, you could always opt for the colour that best suits your home’s interior. The vivacious blue of The Roanoke Ivy Candle, perhaps?​


A Cool Tip

If the house or room is warm, you can get more from your candles by chilling them down in the freezer an hour before use. Who knew?​


Neat 'n Tidy

A handy cleaning tip for removing dust from the tops of candles is using unscented, unused baby wipes. After all, The Comoros Pearl Candle deserves its top to be just that – pearly.


Snuff it Out

And do remember to never leave a burning candle unattended. They’re much like children in that way.​ Use a candle snuffer, if handy, to safely extinguish your candle without all the fuss.


Green Fingers

Our conscientious clientele will be pleased to learn that our jars and boxes can be easily repurposed once the candle has burned its final flame. Many of our customers find they can make nifty plant pots or paintbrush holders, and all manner of things.



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