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Six charming British getaways. Six iconic 30ml fragrances

There’s a destination for every predilection; a getaway to suit every gallivanter. So come with us. Swap your travelling case for a spritz of your favourite Penhaligon’s scent, and let your senses roam…​


Endymion Perfume

A scent to embrace through any Tunnel Of Love – bergamot and coffee float on a sea of suede and geranium. A worthy holiday romance, indeed.​


Artemisia perfume

A scent to keep up with any intrepid holiday hiker. Refreshing nectarine strolls aside jasmine and creamy vanilla. Shall we rest here for a while?​


blenheim perfume

A British seaside holiday deserves the most British of scents, with bursts of lemon, pine and black pepper.  




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    Love’s Scented Language 

    Love's language may be talked with these To work out choicest sentences, No blossoms can be meeter And, such being used in Eastern bowers Young maids may wonder if the flowers
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    William's London: Jermyn Street & St. James's Street

    Back in William’s day, any self-respecting London dandy could be found bouncing around between Jermyn Street and St. James's Street. Here, a gentleman’s every tailoring and grooming need could be tended, to an impeccable standard.