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sock and scandle

The old age question has caught Penhaligon’s attention, and the jury is out. ​ 

Whether you consider yourself a rebellious raconteur or are simply channeling your inner geography teacher, the divisive fashion statement resurges for a 2022 revival. With the gavel at hand, Penhaligon’s prepares to give an overruling verdict once and for all. ​ 

The debate in question: Are socks and sandals officially acceptable?  ​ ​ 

Of course, with such a splendid scent lingering in the air around you, one can pull off any look. Or, at the very least, a delightful fragrance might distract wandering eyes from peering down at your patterned socks. ​



History has bore witness to some true travesties: leg warmers, jeggings and clip-on bow ties to name but a few. But there are some lines that should simply not be crossed. ​ 


The idea that this abomination should exist as anything beyond a convenient measure for nipping to the car (undertaken at night, perhaps in a hooded cloak for anonymity) is out of the question. ​ 


Join us in celebrating blistered heels and leg cramps as we encourage you all to bring the brogue back into your daily uniform. A trip to Waitrose? A dog walk around Richmond? One should always be prepared for an invitation to Buckingham Palace at the drop of a top hat.  ​ 



Ladies and Gents of the jury…​ 

After years at the mercy of the fashion police, we can understand your hesitation when stepping out in the infamous socks and sandals. ​ 

The once considered ‘fashion faux pas’ is no longer reserved for one’s démodé dad but is uniting us in our individuality. From pensioners to pre-teens, one can confidently walk the streets whilst simultaneously flashing their polka dot socks and surrender to true comfort. After all, if the past couple of years have taught us anything, it's that business at the top and casual on the bottom has turned the tides on our way of life. ​ 

Say cheerio to those stiff, blood-stained derbies and salutations to the future of fashion.​ 



Reign in the fashion police, Penhaligon’s has reached its verdict. ​ 

Admittedly, one is quite privy to a dashing Dandy but dressing for comfort has always been our guilty pleasure. Corsets and cravats may have their place where the finer things in life are concerned but, ultimately, one sees no use in quibbling over such juvenile allegations. ​ 

If only to resonate with the Bright Young Things of today, Penhaligon’s gives socks and sandals its seal of approval (even if the sight does give us sore eyes).​ 





The Tudor rose: symbol of Elizabethan England, immortalised in this airy scent.



A cocktail of lemon, black pepper and pine, fresh and fragrant as British wit.


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