If you’re off on your jollies in Blighty this year, do not leave the house without adhering to every piece of advice in this critical guide

‘Happy is England! I could be content to see no other verdure than its own.’ 
Full of such effusive compliments for his homeland, John Keats would never have been tempted by jaunts to the Med or long weekends in New York. In fact over the past few years, many of us have discovered that holidays at home aren’t all bad, and are planning to do the same this year too.   
But when it comes to engineering a successful staycation, there are five extremely strict rules to abide by. By pure coincidence, all of them involve having something fragrant from Penhaligon’s to hand. Fancy that!

Think of your fellow passengers

A car packed with pets, paddleboards, and families jammed together in close quarters mean one’s personal hygiene needs to be properly attended to, lest things become acrimonious along the way. To ensure the mood remains upbeat, liberally apply one of our new deodorants before you even think of stepping inside the car. Noses will be thankful.


Little luxuries make all the difference

Should you arrive at your destination and realise it isn’t quite what was advertised on the tin, a few luxurious spruces about the place can do wonders. Who wouldn’t be thrilled – and perhaps a bit surprised – to stumble across a triple-milled Penhaligon’s soap in a caravan site loo, for example?


Always bring the scent of home

Holidays take us to new places and bring new experiences, not all of them good – so having one’s signature scent to hand is a brilliant way of bringing you back to yourself when sorely needed. Should one’s other half demand that you abseil down a mountain, or ride a suspiciously creaky wooden rollercoaster, for example. Simply find a quiet corner, even if it happens to be behind a field in a llama park filled with screaming children, and spritz away. Breathe in. Remember it will all be alright.


Keep calm and carry on

It is not uncommon to remark that one needs a holiday after a holiday, and never is this more true than a British summer vacation – where one may be determined to enjoy the beach, but instead ends up staggering up and down the dunes in gale-force winds like a beleaguered Prospero. Fragrant with our most iconic scents, the Nomad’s Home Trio are perfect for popping in one’s suitcase, and then lighting in a moment of calm seclusion at home. And if you wanted to light them with our Brighton Pavilion Safety Matches [link to product], no one would blame you. 


You don’t have to pack light

That’s the thing about a trip in Blighty: there’ll be no frightful so-and-so confiscating your full-sized fragrance at airport security just because you happened to accidentally-on-purpose bury it inside your bag. A roomy roof rack, for example, could feasibly hold hundreds of them, if not a solid thousand. Many a Penhaligon’s fanatic has been known to travel with something approaching the number. But even we’ll concede that food and clothes may also be necessary, so might we suggest one of our Travel Atomisers instead? That way, the fishing kit can remain and there’ll be no arguments on the matter.


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