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Penhaligon’s Portraits fragrance collection


Written by Penhaligon's Times

Our Portraits collection is quite unique from the more traditional Penhaligon’s fragrances. One can tell at a glance at the intricately hand-drawn packaging designs by talented Icelandic illustrator Kristjana Williams.


Portraits perfume bottles are different, too, made with slightly heavier glass bases than our classic bottles. Each one is topped with a hand polished animal head, inspired by the character they represent. 


To create the distinctive Portraits scents, we enlisted the help of some of the best noses in the industry – Alberto Morillas, Daphne Bugey, Marie Salamagne, Christophe Raynaud and Juliette Karagueuzoglou to name just a few. 


Our Portraits collection has caused quite a stir around the world. Indeed, the exuberant family of scents has ushered in a new generation of passionate Penhaligon’s devotees.


With over 60 fragrances in our collections, we’re proud to say there truly is something for everyone at Penhaligon’s. 


If you’re yet to try a Portraits fragrance, allow us to introduce you. 


The Tragedy of Lord George

A modern take on a classic fougère – masculine fruitiness, with a hint of shaving soap and a shot of brandy. 

One might also like: English Fern, Sartorial


The Revenge of Lady Blanche

Woody spice perfectly balanced with floral freshness. A narcotic, green floral fragrance with soft, powdery undertones.

One might also like: Orange Blossom, Cornubia, Iris Prima


The Coveted Duchess Rose

Feminine and youthful – the belle of society. A sweet, rosy fragrance with an unexpected dash of musky wood. 

One might also like: Malabah, Halfeti, Vaara, Elisabethan Rose


Much Ado About The Duke

Rose, gin and leather, a most uncommon mix. An aromatic, peppery rose fragrance, with a warm woody dry-down. 

One might also like: Juniper Sling, Endymion, Lothair


Clandestine Clara

A warm gourmand fragrance with a rich vanilla undertone. Spicy and sweet in equal measure.

One might also like: Equinox Bloom, Empressa, The Bewitching Yasmine

Roaring Radcliff

A smoky mélange of rum, gingerbread and tobacco. Utterly charismatic, irresistibly warm.

One might also like: The Uncompromising Sohan, Halfeti, As Sawira, The Dazzling Mister Sam

The Bewitching Yasmine

A voluptuous oriental mix of jasmine, incense and oud. Rich, smoky and sensual.

One might also like: Halfeti, Equinox Bloom, Changing Constance, Clandestine Clara, Kensington Amber

The Uncompromising Sohan

Exotic, complex and spicy with pepper rose, vetiver and oud. An oriental fragrance with inherent masculinity.

One might also like: Roaring Radcliff, As Sawira, Halfeti, The Dazzling Mister Sam

Countess Dorothea

An arrestingly sharp and aromatic fragrance, underpinned by warming vanilla.

One might also like: Luna, Vaara, Empressa, Savoy Steam

Monsieur Beauregard

Sensual yet fresh, with a powdery softness that smooths into a buttery, woody dry-down. 

One might also like: Iris Prima, Endymion, Opus 1870, Marylebone Wood

The Blazing Mister Sam

Hot and cold spices mingle over tobacco and patchouli. A masculine oriental with a soft, sensual cedarwood dry-down.

One might also like: Halfeti, The Uncompromising Sohan

Changing Constance

A gourmand, spicy oriental fragrance that blurs the lines between masculine and feminine.

One might also like: The Bewitching Yasmine, Empressa, Equinox Bloom, Clandestine Clara


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