Penhaligon's Portraits Fragrance Collection

With such a scandalous array of scents to choose from, Penhaligon's thought it would only be proper to reintroduce The Portraits Family, our redolent residents brimming with dry wit and devious wealth. Come along, now.

The Portraits Fragrance Collection

High society can be a little complicated to the uninitiated. For starters, most of these blue bloods are related in one way or another – not that family loyalty means a great deal to them (apart from in matters of inheritance, that is). Anyway, we digress. ​

To help you understand exactly who's who in this web of titles and tittle tattle,  we've used our not-so-inconsiderable clout to split the wheat from the chaff and the truth from the slander. Allow Penhaligon's to introduce you to the Portraits Family, and peer into the lives and lies of the aristocracy.


The Tragedy of Lord George

The head of the Portraits family (and quite a head he has!). Lord George is a modern take on a classic fougère – an elegant masculine fruitiness with a hint of shaving soap. But what brandy-soaked secrets is he keeping behind closed doors?  ​

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The Revenge of Lady Blanche

My, oh my, what beauty is this? It can only be the lord’s wife, of course (not that he cares to notice). Floral freshness balanced with a bite of woody spice. A narcotic, green floral fragrance with soft, powdery undertones. One never knows when she’ll quite pounce.​

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The Coveted Duchess Rose

The darling daughter of the Portraits family and the belle of high society. A sweet, rosy fragrance with an unexpected dash of musky wood. ‘Tis a shame her husband is more interested in, ahem, other pursuits. But the young duchess is already turning noses at the ball...​

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Changing Constance

Lady Banche’s ever-so-modern sister. ‘Tis a sign of the times and my, aren’t they changing. A gourmand, spicy oriental fragrance that blurs the lines between masculine and feminine. Intellect and beauty are matched, but must she flaunt the former? Convention is an invention she chooses to ignore.​

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The Blazing Mister Sam

An American abroad (and quite the dreamboat, too). Hot and cold spices mingle over tobacco and patchouli. One can’t quite place the accent, but the Duchess Rose is enthralled. A masculine oriental with a soft, sensual cedarwood dry-down. Spend freely. Live fast. Talk loud.​

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Much Ado About the Duke

Much Ado About The Duke

Rose, gin and leather, a most uncommon mix for a handsome dog. An aromatic, peppery rose fragrance, with a warm woody dry-down. Hearts are all set a-flutter – but not the ones you might think.​

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The Bewitching Yasmine

Rich, smoky and sensual, this vixen has come to England for one thing: a husband, of course! A voluptuous oriental mix of jasmine, incense and oud. Her allure is as powerful as her perfume. Ambition never looks back.​

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Heartless Helen

So confidently alluring one could call it a trap (she did meet Teddy on safari, after all). A sweet floral woody fragrance, befitting Lord George and Lady Blanche’s second daughter. Headstrong notes of pink peppercorn and mandarin give way to undertones of creamy wood and cashmere. Helen loves to be adored, and who doesn’t adore a conquistadora? ​

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Terrible Teddy

They say the thrill is in the chase, and Teddy is quite the hunter. Incense and pink peppercorn contradict an addictive burst of vetiver and patchouli. Round and reassuring with a beguiling bite. He may have met his match in Heartless Helen, but those feelings are tame compared to those for the Duke!​

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The Inimitable Mr Penhaligon

The master perfumer himself! When Lord George and Lady Blanche invited him to the country for a weekend, he couldn’t help creating a portrait of each guest. As for his own scent? A woody oriental in a vetiver haze. Warm, fresh and earthy, a timeless classic. Lady Blanche simply can’t resist...​

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The World According To Arthur

Lord George’s hot-headed brother has returned from the East! An enveloping incense with fresh, resinous and leather facets. This gentle warrior has found a garden of sweet-scented sage wisdom – but careful, he still breathes fire. A sensual woody amber fragrance.​

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The Omniscient Mr Thompson

The Omniscient Mr Thompson

Lord George’s confidante, the all-knowing butler. He has spying – sorry, discrete observation – down to a fine art. A floral oriental bursting with lavender, iris and sesame milk. Always out of sight, but never out of earshot: you see, some walls are terribly thin.​

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