It is that time of year again. The time when one really isn’t too sure what day of the week it is and perhaps one is finding it a little tricky to move from a horizonal position. So what is left to do but reflect on the unexpected teachings of 2020. Yes, the new normal has granted us new knowledge. And the lessons learned…?

Lesson One: Make The Most Of It

Staying in is the new going out, and what an unexpected joy it is! But, just because one is lounging around in solitude, or with what is at this point all too familiar company, it needn’t mean that one should neglect their fragrance collection. A spritz of scent can do wonders for one’s mood.

Bath & Body

Lesson Two: Alone Time

“We’ve been given the gift of time!” Even if the only alone time one can actually get is by locking oneself in the bathroom. So it stands to reason that such treasured moments should be free from want and filled with variety. Which is why, it’s probably wise to have more than one Bath & Body scent at your disposal. A new scent each week, you say? Why, what better excuse is there to sneak off to a bath aburst with bubbles to soak up a few hours of solitude?


Lesson Three: Keep Your Mask Close

What was once seen as the biggest inconvenience, leaving one’s keys or phone behind, is now no match for the folly of a forgotten mask. Many a shopper has been spotted spinning on their heels at a supermarket entryway, partners have returned home moments after waving goodbye, all due to the realisation that one has left without a mask in their possession. The new accessory is made all the more bearable with a spritz of fragrance. For who could forget something that smells so sweet?


Lesson Four: Washing Hands

Personal hygiene standards are on the rise. Never before has “happy birthday to you” been heard in a public bathroom. Well, except for that one birthday party, when the libations were flowing like pure poetry. Now that we are washing our hands so often, one really must do so in style. Use a dash of Penhaligon’s Body & Hand Wash and you’ll be rubbing your hands together long after they’re clean, simply with glee.


Lesson Five: Love Thy Neighbour

Community has really mattered. What’s more, after a year of pulling together, a physical sense of community has been restored. Neighbours run errands for those less able. Smiling eyes can be seen on passing mask-clad faces. Typing letters to strangers who are perhaps alone. And there’s never been a better reason to spontaneously send a loved one a gift. Yes, 2020 has been a year of, above all, letting people know you care. What random acts of kindness have you performed this past year?


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