Penhaligon’s Garden Styling Tips For An Early Autumn Celebration 

Garden Styling Tips

Perhaps you think us mad, but with the aid of ample blankets, firepits and cushions, we believe you can muster up one more evening outdoors. So, it might be a good idea – rather necessary, in fact – to take advantage of your garden for one final hurrah before the weather truly turns and incarnadine leaves litter the patio.

How does one do it, you ask? Transform the garden into a place reminiscent of a Bedouin settlement with the arrival of autumn? Why, do follow along, and we’ll guide you through it.


The Furnishings 

Oushak Rugs & Kilim Cushions 

The key to a garden party with a Middle Eastern aesthetic, more precisely a Jordanian aesthetic, is the blend of textures and patterns. Oushak Rugs and Kilim Cushions provide an authentic way of achieving such an effect. Opt for three patterns of different size, print, and contrasting or complementary colours for effortless Jordanian chic. Your guests will be checking Google Maps the moment they arrive. “Darling, are you sure we didn’t take the wrong turning and end up in Petra?”

Lanterns, Lights & Naked Flames 

Dazzle the eyes by combining low Bedouin lanterns, large bulb fairy lights and naked flames – perhaps patterned bowls and pots filled with water for tea lights to float upon. The ambient lighting will aid the mood of the affair, drawing the space in and creating an air of cosiness. Picture the scene in Indiana Jones where the walls begin to close in. Only this time it’s welcome, comforting, and the spikes are replaced by cushions. That’s exactly what one is aiming for.


The Food 


Perfecting the flip and the crispy rice atop this upside-down dish is a skill that takes many moons to master. Put in the practice now and watch your guests’ knees weaken with delight on the night. Lamb, spice, rice and vegetables – what is not to love about a dish such as this?

Freekeh Salad

Tart pomegranate seeds. Smoky spiced freekeh. And a good lashing of mint, peppers and aubergines. This easy-to-make salad is healthy Middle Eastern cuisine at its finest.

A Layered Mezze of Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Labneh, Dolma and Pitta Breads.

Don’t serve this extravagant spread in the middle of the party’s most riveting conversation, or you might bring the chatter to a screeching halt. Silence always was the sign of delicious food.


Delectable figs, dates, olives and grapes – perhaps even with a generous drizzle of honey – will bring the lush, unseen facets of the desert of Jordan into clear view of your guests.

We’d be remiss if we did not mention that everything should be served on a silver platter. But of course.


The Beverages 

Bedouin Tea

Pop some black tea leaves, sage, cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks in a pot and simmer for five minutes. Then, turn off the heat and steep for a further five minutes. Strain and serve with some honey or sugar, if you so wish. A real crowd-pleaser, this one, you know – and the real deal.

Bedouin Coffee

Heat your desired amount of water in a Dallah while you roast some cardamom pods and cloves. Grind coffee beans, cardamom and cloves and add to the boiled water. A heaped tablespoon of coffee per 250ml cup of water is recommended. Place the Dallah back on the hob and simmer for a few minutes. Serve three small cups to each guest before dinner. This is imperative. The first cup is for the heart, the second for the sword and the third, well, because they are your guest, my dear.

Legacy of Petra Cocktail

Perhaps you’re in the mood for something a tad stiffer. We shan’t judge. One-part black sambuca, one-part vodka, two-parts soda water, garnished with a sprig of fennel and mint leaves, and… bottoms up! Care to make us one too? garnished with a sprig of fennel and mint leaves, and… bottoms up! Care to make us one too?


The Candles

These truly are the details one mustn’t forget. After all, a guest’s visual observations will wither from memory far sooner than the impression left by your soiree’s scent.

Calisaya Bark 

An Andean ascent, flickering with juniper spice. A mossy candle gifted as their interest peaks.


Sinking Oud 

Glowing saffron. Incense smoke. The rarest oud floods the land in a candle scented by liquid gold.


Maduro Leaf 

Wood. Leather. Smoke. A luxury scented candle disguised as a gentlemen’s club.


Legacy of Petra 

A spicy-sweet scent swept away by desert winds. Myrrh longs for a city where warmth is no façade.


Babylon Body & Hand Wash 

Rivers of cedar and spice lend a hand in cleansing the bodies of ancient Babylon.


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