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London guide

Mr Pellegrin’s Guide to London

Having called it home for over 150 years, we like to think we know a little thing or two about London. Nonetheless, even we’ll admit that, on occasion, it’s the well-travelled foreign eye (or nose, as the case may be) that can reveal the unseen beyond one’s very own back garden. That’s why Monsieur Pellegrin was the natural choice for such a discovery, of course, given his instinctive for getting to the ever-so fragrant heart of the matter, one can’t help but wonder what else Fabrice might know about our beloved stomping ground. Always the consummate gentleman, he was kind enough to share with us a page or two from his little black book of London: a privilege we simply had to extend your way.

1. The Finest Meal in Town

First on Mr Pellegrin’s list, Boisdale, Belgravia. A lively Scottish restaurant serving modern British dishes and the finest whiskey. Home to live jazz music every evening, it’s easy to see why this tickles a gentleman’s fancy.

He says: ‘I love the unique atmosphere of this place, typical of London with its red paint and large carpets. It feels like having dinner at someone’s.’  

2. The Most Fragrant Place in the City

Covent Garden, a piazza in Central London, home to fashion boutiques and craft stalls without the bustling nature of Oxford Circus.

Fabrice says: A place ‘where you can find plenty of fragrance stores and corners, is definitely the most fragrant place in London!’

3. The Perfect Cup of Tea

Tea with a twist. Blake’s Hotel Cocktail Bar’s signature beverage, ‘The Tea Pot’, is concocted with a complementary blend of Roku Gin, Limoncello, Cadello 88, Raspberry and Crème de Mure infused Aloe Vera. Not your tipple? You may also enjoy the traditional cup of tea too.

Mr Pellegrin says: ‘The terrace is full of details that take you away to an imaginary place. It’s a small peaceful treasure inside London.’

4. The Little-Known Favourite

A jewel in Britain’s crown. If you’re not from London, it may be difficult to imagine a world that’s removed from Dickens, Jane Austen, or the Bronte sisters. Home to literary genius, it comes as no surprise that a favourite among residents is, of course, the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

He says: ‘I’m a fan of Sir Conan Doyle’s universe, and, according to the story, Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend Dr Watson lived at this exact address.’

5. The Best View in London

With so many landmarks and phenomenal parks, London is a true treat for the eyes. Gazing out from the rooftop of the shard or strolling along the river Thames offers spectacular views of the capital, but none quite compares to Hampstead Heath.

Fabrice says: ‘When it’s not foggy you can see the whole city. It feels like being far away from it, but actually it’s so close.’

6. The Essential Culture Spot

Perhaps you’re familiar with the Natural History Museum or The National Gallery, but if there is one destination that offers a different perspective to London’s modern history, Fabrice’s top pick is a must-visit attraction.

Mr Pellegrin says: ‘The Tate Modern Gallery: for its fine contemporary art exhibitions and because it reminds me of match point.’

7. The Exquisitely Mixed Cocktail

After a long and tiresome day of exploring, one may require a tipple to sit back and unwind. From traditional cocktails to experimental concoctions, there is something to tickle everyone’s fancy.

He says: ‘Artesian bar, Marylebone: It’s a place where past and present meet at every centimeter, down to the cocktails! The finest reinterpretations of classic cocktails. Try the ‘Bee’s Knees’ there for a surprising alliance of the fresh bitterness of gin and the soft addiction of honey.'



8. The Place to Shop

A shopper’s paradise. Regents Street is overflowing with every possible fancy, including…

An ‘especially tremendous Penhaligon’s boutique, infused with the identity of the brand.’



The Tudor rose: symbol of Elizabethan England, immortalised in this airy scent.



Rich, noble, deceptive. Like our patriarch, this woody perfume has secrets.


The World According To Arthur​

An incensed (though, not like the rest!) warrior in a sweet- scented garden of sage wisdom and wit.


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