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Scenic Drive

The Most Scenic Drives in the UK

Take a turn off the beaten track with our guide to the most picturesque routes anywhere in the UK. From the heady heights of Snowdonia to the twisting turns of Cheddar Gorge, there are no better drives in the UK. 


Snake Pass, Peak District

Oh, Snake Pass, let us count the ways we love you: those empty winding roads, the endless carpet of purple heather, everything about it is positively show-stopping.
The 30-minute stretch of road running between Glossop and Sheffield is one of the best ways to see the Peak District, and we can’t get enough of it.

Lake district

Wrynose and Hardknott Pass, Lake District

In 1951 the Lake District became the second National Park to be created in the United Kingdom. One of its great wonders is the route between Wrynose and Hardknott Pass, a steep route that links Ambleside to Eskdale. It’s not for the faint-hearted, though, being one of the steepest roads in England. But, make the effort and you will be repaid with some of the finest views in the county.


Snowdownia, Wales

Portmerion is an extraordinary confection – an Italianate village in the heart of Snowdonia. This fantastical creation was the work of Clough Williams-Ellis and, it is the starting point of one of our favourite routes. Head towards Porthmadog and Tremadog and through Rhyd towards Betws-y-Coed. You’ll soon see Mount Snowdon towering like a dragon, in the distance. Once you pass the principality’s biggest mountain and head towards the mouth of the Seiont River. At that point you will see that striking sight: Caernarvon Castle. Take a breather and explore this 738-year-old castle where the Prince of Wales was invested in July 1st 1969.

Mendip Hills towards Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

In 1972, the Mendip Hills were designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. And it is not hard to see why. This route is one of the most beautiful drives in England. Take the B3135 as it cuts through the majestic hills and down through the winding bends towards Cheddar Gorge. The 14-mile drive is one of the most beautiful ways to encounter the West Country – and you can also pick up some cheese when you are finished. Win, win.

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