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Floriography Faux Pas & Oh Yahs


Written by The Penhaligon's Times

When presenting your chosen flower to your loved one, one should certainly take the following points into consideration. It’s terribly important to mean what your flower is saying, after all.



Do tie a ribbon to the left-hand side should the meaning refer to you, and to the right if to the recipient. 

Should you wish to respond by informing the giver that you adore the gift, then wear it on your heart. We’re sure you could have guessed that. 



Choosing to present your flower upside down alludes to the opposite meaning being intended.  

On the off chance that you detest your secret admirer and wish to rattle your tail to imply caution, wear the floral in your hair. 

Never present a wilted bouquet. Unless, of course, you wish to imply death, finalisation or the termination of a romance. 





Language of Flowers


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