It's fair to say that the world is well and truly in bloom, which as you can imagine for Penhaligon's, is wonderful - as big believers that there are flowers to suit every mood. However it's not just us that believes this, it's long-established by the society of science that scent can affect cognitive function which in turn, influences our mood. Great news for us though, as we’re avid admirers of botanicals and floral fragrances. ​

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The ladies and gentlemen of science have said...​

A fragrance can awaken a thousand memories in our mind, taking us back to childhood holidays, or reminding us of a favourite relative. They have the ability to affect one’s emotions, sensuality, and feelings, transporting one to a familiar space and time - and even having a positive influence on our mood, especially if the olfactory sensors are triggered by a certain scent. ​

This is because our ability to smell is the strongest of the five senses, and in actual fact, has a direct correlation to our energy levels. The olfactory senses are linked to our emotions and can cause immediate reactions - as you now well know, a pleasant smell will therefore evoke positivity and joy.​

Penhaligon's Flower Power

Though it has small blossoms, lavender is well known to be quite powerful and can certainly have a calming effect on one's mood. The purple floret, as well as camomile, is lauded for its soothing ability.​

Gardenia and jasmine are also noted for their mood-enhancing properties. The sweet and creamy aroma of these flowers mimics their tropical habitat, bestowing a sense of bliss upon those fortunate enough to be enveloped in their aroma. ​

Even the divine rose is used to aid symptoms associated with stress. What more of a reason do you know possess for treating a loved one to a bouquet of red roses?​

Yet lilies are among the most aromatic of blooms, with a sweet fragrance - they make for a joyous arrangement that’s sure to leave one feeling energized and refreshed. ​

Perhaps more fascinating of all, studies have shown that smelling floral scents can increase our levels of compassion and kindness towards others. Quite remarkable!​

A Myriad Of Fragrances

And so, what will one choose? From the honeyed haze of Orange Blossom, to the earthy and fresh Bluebell and Lily of the Valley, a sweet, fresh, and graceful aroma. Penhaligon’s offers a myriad of floral fragrances to fill one’s world with joy. Why not pick your favourite of the bunch?​

Orange Blossom

A perfume that captures the honeyed floral haze of orange orchards in bloom. Wearing this eau de toilette is like strolling from a shaded grove into warm sunshine. Now, where did I put my Panama hat?​



If you go down to the woods today... a fragrant carpet of bluebells awaits.
Breathe deep. Citrus, hyacinth, clove. An eau de toilette reminiscent of childhood escapades in the fresh, dewy spring.​



Lacey leaves. Dappled light. Green, clean, wholesome. Lily of the Valley is as fresh and optimistic as the morning dew, grounded by notes of bergamot and sandalwood. A timeless eau de toilette.​


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