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Tennis isn’t simply lackadaisically knocking a ball back and forth, you know? It takes speed, agility, warrior-like focus, one bulging bicep and a copious amount of running to become a true champion. Even if the running involved occurs within the court’s narrow bounds. Twenty-seven feet wide and, yet, some players have been known to run up to six miles in a five set match. That’s over a thousand shuttle runs between each side-line. No doubt they would give you avid runners a – pun certainly intended – run for your money…

But enough of that. Let’s not run away with ourselves, shall we? Oh dear, it’s proving terribly difficult to stop.

All that physical exertion can make for one odorous gent. Hence, in light of its new release inspired by all the fun and frivolity of tennis, beloved British fine perfumers, Penhaligon’s, has doubled up with Iffley Road to lay out the rules and etiquette on staying fresh and fragrant during a day spent racing around the court, or track, even.

1.       At the start of play, one’s sporting attire must be spotless.

Tenacious, uplifting, invigorating – and that’s before one steps onto the court. Lemon doubles up with strapping leather and woods in Racquets, a sparkling eau de parfum. Do try and be a good sport.


2.       When the umpire calls for deuce, do as your told and pour him one.

Or, if you wish to win,  a G&T with Juniper Sling. Particularly effective when served up with Iffley Road’s Hampton Shorts. In Dover White, but of course.

3.       Accept defeats with grace, then head to the showers to weep in solitude.

One must appear as strong as the mighty English Oak tree. Bright, brilliant, and always in high spirits. Quercus Body & Hand Wash ought to offer some assistance in maintaining a stiff upper lip and the scent of sophistication post-game.


4.       If sporting prowess is not your forté, wear an alluring fragrance to distract your opponent.

The handsome scent of Endymion is just the thing. And no athletic Adonis would be complete without a clean pair of running  socks. One isn’t a football hooligan, after all.


Warm spice and warm hearts. This eau de toilette is a complex cocktail. Better make it a double.


A gentle and refreshing body and hand wash, inspired by the majestic English oak


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