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The Ingenue Cousin Flora
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The Ingenue Cousin Flora

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    Head Notes

    Citrus Cocktail
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    Heart Notes

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    Base Notes

  • The wide-eyed innocent of the family cousin Flora is courteous to the old, punctual for her riding lessons and a smiling angel around her ma-ma.
    (She is the sweetest and youngest first cousin of Rose.)

    Always a most valuable witness to the mischief of her twin brother Matthew, she is diligent in her reporting and aims to be as helpful as she can.

    Her fragrance is effusive, ebullient and fresh, an invigorating sensation, no less. Lively & vigorous; rules are set free. Vivacity galore - a burst of vitamin C.
    But what’s this? A more woody story starts to reveal. The round comforting notes of musk start to peal. Heaven above, it fits my good mood like a glove.

    Ennui, the most wicked affliction.

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