An array of exquisite olfactive treats are on the menu at the Penhaligon’s Portraits Café, including the house specials; two rather delightful citrus cocktails – The Ingénue Cousin Flora and The Impudent Cousin Matthew. A developed palate is necessary to detect the hints of mandarin, petitgrain and patchouli? And wait, what's this? Comforting notes of musk and wood begin to unfold as the main course draws to a close. One will surely enjoy the citrus cocktails served at the Penhaligon’s Portraits Café.
With every fragrance purchased from the Portraits collection one will be in with the chance to win a limited Edition hand-crafted Kristjana Williams bottle and box.

Each bottle and box have been adorned with unique designs, hand-signed and numbered by world renowned artist Kristjana Williams. One must act with haste to ensure one does not miss this opportunity of obtaining one of these remarkable pieces, only available for the next two weeks. Will you be so lucky?

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