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Orange Blossom Body and Hand Lotion 300ml
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Orange Blossom Body and Hand Lotion 300ml

  • £42
  • All the stimulating sensations of a stroll through orange orchards in bloom. Bathed in sunlight and perfumed with honeyed floral mists, that rise and fall from the tiny innocent white blooms. To the warm blossom-scent, some more vigorous Lemon-Cedrat, violet leaf and pink berries/pepper? The Calabrian orange and bergamot are resplendently complemented with peach flowers, rose, tuberose and jasmine. And because an orchard is full of trees… cedar unifies the vanilla and musks that create a satisfying shady base.

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Absolutey Love This Decoration Review
This is the perfect little Christmas gift, it is delightful and looks beautiful hanging up.
Would you recommend it? : Yes