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Artemisia Collection

Wednesday, 1st May 2013, Written By Alex
Artemisia is Penhaligon’s hymn to vanilla in all its powdered honeyed beauty. It is an unexpected and quiet scent, soft on the skin, yet persistent and haunting. The composition is all about delicacy and lightness of touch: petals on petals, wrapped in barely rendered fruit accords, woods, whispered musk and amber.
There is a delightful nectarine note at the top of the scent sitting on bed of shimmering foliage. This floats on jasmine tea and the all-important vanilla, violet and green apple. The base notes are surprisingly robust; oakmoss, sandalwood, musk and amber, carrying the fragrance across the gentlest of hours.
It is vanilla, but not as you know it. A lot of people immediately assume a fragrance built around a note of vanilla will be overly sweet, however Artemisia avoids this pitfall by pushing at the powdered hinterlands of vanilla. Vanilla sugar, smashed and ground, dusted across French patisserie. A touch of caramel, a lick of butterscotch. This creamier approach is extremely elegant and wears very close to the skin, making Artemisia such a private and comforting fragrance to wear. Artemis’s chariot was made from gold so it is fitting that Artemisa smells so golden, warm and compulsive. 

Head Notes: nectarine accord, green foliage effect
Heart Notes: green apple, jasmine tea, lily of the valley, violet, vanilla
Base Notes: oakmoss, sandalwood, musk amber