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Malabah Eau de Parfum
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Malabah Eau de Parfum

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  • A journey that starts with a lemon so sun-drenched, so luminous that I immediately found myself back in Kerala. The beginning of my imaginary voyage was the Province of Gujurat, (home of Malabar I should add). Although I, I am indeed merely drifting in my drawing room in London…

    Citrus was to be a recurring theme of this particular Spice Route. Soon bergamot was infusing my dreams, perfuming the smoky tea leaves for the Earl of Grey (and his new eponymous warm beverage). Next, an additional layer of freshness, in the form of coriander, perhaps Pondicherry? Delicate Rose wafts through the window, blending with warm ginger to form a most delicious lullaby. I am transported now to Bengal. Aromatic spices enliven the route.

    Next stop: Orris, musks and amber create a lingering, sensual and rousing warmth.

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IncreíBle Fragancia! Review
Mi preferido...tanto para mujer como para hombre. Hace años que la usamos: Fascinante
Would you recommend it? : Yes