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Iris Prima 1.5 Sample
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Iris Prima 1.5 Sample

  • Iris Absolute. The regal Prima Ballerina. Delicacy in her every movement. The precision is resolute. On stage the lights go up with bergamot. A flood of radiant transparency. A whirl of pink, the energy of peppercorn and amber pirouettes make the whole rounded, arrondi. From the wings, the Iris makes an entrance, reaching high to bow down low, lofty softness and powdery grace, but Orris root must come back to earth. A pas de deux with Himalayan Jasmine. Majestic femininity, the strength of flight. Leather hints at the back stage preparations:
    the flesh of ballet shoes that fall and rise point-to-point on sandalwood.

    Vanilla and benzoin remind us that we are also skin to skin.

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