Hand Wash & Lotions

Our liquid hand washes and hand lotions have been masterfully blended to give delicate hands the care they deserve. With skin soft and delicately scented, a Lady’s hands can elegantly and confidently manage whatever is asked of them.

  • Lavandula Liquid Hand Wash 300ml Lavandula Lavandula Liquid Hand Wash
    Cleanse your hands with this blend of natural herbs, aromatic spices, vanilla & woods.
  • Quercus Liquid Hand Wash 300ml Quercus Liquid Soap
    Our Quercus liquid hand wash contains gentle conditioning ingredients & a fresh scent.
  • Lavandula Hand & Nail Lotion 300ml Lavandula Hand & Nail Lotion
    Strengthen your nails and soften your skin with our hand and nail cream in Lavandula.