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Grand Gestures

Hand-blown British crystal perfume bottles, fine silver, marquetry and leathers are just some of the grander gestures we’ve curated as the perfect gifts, alongside scented luxury triple wick candles and favourite fragrances.

  • LORDGEORGELORDGEORGE Portraits The Tragedy of Lord George
    "Faithful to king and country“
  • Roaring Radcliff Eau de ParfumRoaring Radcliff Eau de Parfum Portraits Roaring Radcliff
    "Gloriously, decadently mischievous"
    “Golly, I'm feeling ever so hot"
  • Bewitching Yasmine Eau de ParfumBewitching Yasmine Eau de Parfum Portraits The Bewitching Yasmine
    “The dance of the seven veils”
  • Uncompromising Sohan Eau de ParfumUncompromising Sohan Eau de Parfum Portraits The Uncompromising Sohan
    “The merchant of Alexandria”
  • Much ado about the DukeMuch ado about the Duke Portraits Much Ado About The Duke
    “Flamboyancy isn’t a sin”
  • The Revenge of Lady BlancheThe Revenge of Lady Blanche Portraits The Revenge of Lady Blanche
    “It was a murder but hardly a crime”
  • The Coveted Gift Set 
    That orchids represent refinement, thoughtfulness and beauty is a coincidence. This rose represents a not so innocent love affair in this gift set.
  • The Faithful Patriarch Gift Set 
    Wistful for her youthful first kisses (caught by Lord George, once again!)... in the Linen cupboard in this gift set.
  • The Lord & The Duke Gift Set
    A virtuous patriarch and flambouyant son-in-law from the not so traditional aristocracy in this gift set.?
  • Halfeti Eau de ParfumHalfeti Eau de Parfum Halfeti Eau de Parfum
    An opulent addition to the Trade Routes collection, inspired by the black Halfeti Rose
  • Halfeti The Halfeti Ritual Gift Set
    Enveloping you in a cloud of fragrance so intoxicating one falls immediately in love with.
  • The Intoxicating Classics Gift Set
    The delightfully intoxicating Halfeti and classic Blenheim Bouquet, now available in a luxurious body & hand wash in this gift set.?
  • Halfeti The Halfeti Gift Set
    An opulent addition to the Trade Routes collection, inspired by the black Halfeti Rose in this gift set.
  • The Distant Land Gift Set
    A ritual to envelope you in a cloud of fragrance so intoxicating one falls immediately in love in this gift set.
  • The Duke of Marlborough's Gift Set
    Our cherished classic Blenheim Bouquet is a bracing mix of citrus oils, spices & woods in this gift set.
  • LothairLothair Lothair Eau de Toilette
    Lothair opens with the salty tang of grapefruit and juniper, and a brilliant green from fig leaf.
  • Savoy Steam The Savoy Ritual Gift Set
    A ritual fit for 12 Duke of York Street in this gift set
  • The Rose In The Desert Gift Set
    Empressa, bursting with fruit & underlined with vanilla in a sumptuous eau de parfum and hair mist in this gift set.
  • Endymion The Eternal Slumber Gift Set 
    Maintain Endymion's signature scent by day and by night in this gift set.
  • Quercus The Latin Oak Gift Set
    Pamper yourself and feel uplifted with our luxury scented candle, body & hand lotion and body & hand wash in invigorating Quercus in this gift set.
  • Blenheim Bouquet The Palace's Gift Set
    Our classic fragrance, Blenheim Bouquet in a gentle and refreshing body & hand wash, body & hand lotion and luxury scented candle in this gift set.
  • As Sawira Eau de ParfumAs Sawira Eau de Parfum As Sawira Eau de Parfum
    A further addition to the Trade Routes Collection, a sensual and exotic blend.
  • Sartorial The Sartorial Gift Set
    Inspired by the scents of the workroom at Norton & Sons, bespoke Tailors of Savile Row in this gift set.
  • Orange Blossoms In Spring Gift Set
    Orange Blossom is a luminous honeyed floral. Lush with Calabrian orange and bergamot in this gift set.