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Gardenia Eau de Toilette - New
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Gardenia Eau de Toilette - New

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  • Newly re-packaged Lily of the Valley, Lyral Free. Like a milky bath of regal sensuality, it envelops from beginning to end, from head to toe, and achieves the startling feat of seamlessly wedding green and fresh (bergamot, green leaves violet, rhubarb) to creamy and voluptuous (gardenia, ylang ylang, tuberose, jasmine).
    Achingly elegant, exquisitely refined, a magnificent, majestic pearl in the flower gardens’s crown. Gardenia captures the finesse of silk and loses none of its deeply feminine charm. Hypnotic, vibrant (benzoin, musk) it lingers luxuriously, emboldened by it’s reputation for love, harmony and grace, but remains forever as complex and mysterious as beauty itself.

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The combination of delicate flowers’ essences make this perfume just the perfect choice.
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