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Fragrances are the finishing touch to judiciously chosen day or evening wear, and the Penhaligon’s collection numbers historic and brave new scents.The only matter for your consideration is, what do you wish to express?

  • Halfeti Eau de ParfumHalfeti Eau de Parfum Halfeti Eau de Parfum
    An opulent addition to the Trade Routes collection, inspired by the black Halfeti Rose
  • Heritage - Blenheim Bouquet Eau de Toilette 100mlHeritage - Blenheim Bouquet Eau de Toilette 100ml Blenheim Bouquet Eau de Toilette
    Our cherished classic Blenheim Bouquet is a bracing mix of citrus oils, spices & woods.
  • Cairo 100ml with Complimentary 1.5ml SampleCairo 100ml with Complimentary 1.5ml Sample Trade Routes Cairo Eau De Parfum
    Damascan Rose is macerated in an abundance of woods and spices. An ornate and sumptuous composition that echos with saffron, incense, vanilla and patchouli.
  • Penhaligon's Scent LibraryPenhaligon's Scent Library DISCOVERY SETS Scent Library
    A perfect introduction into the world of Penhaligon's. The set contains ten of our popular scents.
    10 x 2ml£20ADD
  • Ladies' Fragrance CollectionLadies' Fragrance Collection DISCOVERY SETS Ladies' Fragrance Collection
    The ever popular miniature collection of best-selling women’s fragrances, the perfect gift.
    5ml x 5£38ADD
  • Halfeti EDP 30MLHalfeti EDP 30ML Halfeti 30ml
    The delightfully intoxicating oud fragrance in 30ml, perfect for journeys to distant lands.
  • Gentlemen's Fragrance CollectionGentlemen's Fragrance Collection DISCOVERY SETS Gentlemen’s Fragrance Collection
    Penhaligon’s ever popular miniature collection is back.
    5ml x 5£38ADD
  • Penhaligon's Fragrance LibraryPenhaligon's Fragrance Library DISCOVERY SETS Fragrance Library
    The perfect introduction into the world of Penhaligon's. Five of our popular scents.
    10ml x 5£58ADD
  • Cairo 10mlCairo 10ml Trade Routes Cairo travel spray
    Damascan Rose is macerated in an abundance of woods and spices. An ornate and sumptuous composition that echos with saffron, incense, vanilla and patchouli.
  • LORDGEORGELORDGEORGE The Tragedy of Lord George
    "Faithful to king and country“
  • EmpressaEmpressa Empressa Eau de Toilette
    Shimmering with bright pink pepper, succulent blood orange, dewberry and peach.
  • Luna Eau de ToiletteLuna Eau de Toilette Luna Eau de Toilette
    Luna is a fresh floral named after the mythical Goddess of the Moon
  • Malabah Eau de Parfum 100ml Malabah Eau de Parfum
    Inspired by an imaginary journey along the East Indian spice route. Rich with green coriander and tea.
  • Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette 100mlJuniper Sling Eau de Toilette 100ml Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette
    A unique fragrance inspired by the most iconic & atmospheric of spirits: London Dry Gin.
    “Golly, I'm feeling ever so hot"
  • Artemsia Eau de Parfum 100ml Artemisia Eau de Parfum
    Artemisia is both floral and fruity with a sensual powdery dry down.
  • Empressa Eau de ParfumEmpressa Eau de Parfum Empressa Eau de Parfum
    Bright, soft and deeply sensual are the textures of this luxurious, luminous, lavish cloak.
  • Levandula Eau De Parfum - Heritage Repack Lavandula Lavandula Eau De Parfum
    Lavandula will shock your senses. Heady and sensual, full of complex layers.
  • Blasted Bloom Eau de ParfumBlasted Bloom Eau de Parfum Blasted Bloom Blasted Bloom Eau De Parfum
    Illuminating the freshness of wild flora found along the British coast.
  • Terrible TeddyTerrible Teddy PORTRAITS Terrible Teddy
    Incense, leather and ambroxan. A smooth and deadly operator.
  • LUNA EDT 30MLLUNA EDT 30ML Luna Luna Eau De Toilette
    The much loved fresh floral fragrance in 30ml, perfect for your dream-like travels.
  • Opus 1870 Eau de Toilette 100ml Opus 1870 Eau de Toilette
    Opus 1870 is wonderfully warm and comforting, a delightful fragrance to wrap yourself in.
  • Elisabethan Rose Eau de ParfumElisabethan Rose Eau de Parfum Signature Eau de Parfum
    Regal. Demanding. Imposing. And yet so perfectly at ease. Delicate indeed.
  • Empressa EDP 30MLEmpressa EDP 30ML Empressa Empressa Eau De Parfum
    The deeply sensual floral fragrance in 30ml, for those who travel in style.
  • Vaara Eau de ParfumVaara Eau de Parfum Vaara Eau de Parfum
    Modern and intensely atmospheric, Vaara is a fragrance fit for a Maharajah.
  • Heartless HelenHeartless Helen PORTRAITS Heartless Helen
    An opulent flourish of tuberose in mandarin-scented woods. Hooked? You will be.
  • The Invigorating Quercus Oak Gift Set Quercus The Invigorating Quercus Oak Gift Set
    A modern and invigorating scent, now available in a 100ml eau de cologne and 300ml Body and Hand Wash set.
  • Castile Eau de ToiletteCastile Eau de Toilette Castile Eau de Toilette
    A classic citrus; fresh & bursting with the dusky sensuality of warm Mediterranean nights.
  • The Delightful Endymion Gift Set Endymion The Delightful Endymion Gift Set
    A woody burst of sweetened mandarin wrapped in sage and lavender, now in a 100ml eau de parfum and 300ml Body and Hand Wash set.
  • The Luna 50ml with Rollerball Luna The Wandering Moon Luna Gift Set
    Penhaligon's ode to the Moon Goddess, now available as a 50ml and Rollerball set.
  • As Sawira Eau De Parfum As Sawira As Sawira
    A further addition to the Trade Routes Collection, a sensual and exotic blend.
  • Halfeti The Halfeti Ritual Gift Set
    Enveloping you in a cloud of fragrance so intoxicating one falls immediately in love with.
  • Orange Blossom Eau de Toilette 100ml Orange Blossom Eau de Toilette
    Orange Blossom is a luminous honeyed floral. Lush with Calabrian orange and bergamot.
  • The Halfeti 100ml and 30ml Gift Set Halfeti The Delightful Halfeti Potion Gift Set
    Penhaligon's delightfully intoxicating potion, now available as a 100ml and 30ml set.

  • Orange Blossom EDT 30MLOrange Blossom EDT 30ML Orange Blossom Orange Blossom Eau De Toilette
    The honeyed floral in 30ml, essential for travels to the orange orchards of Calabria.
  • The Extra Tipple Juniper Gift Set Juniper Sling The Extra Tipple Juniper Gift Set
    For enigmatic fathers, now available in a 100ml eau de toilette and 10ml eau de toilette.
  • The Savoy Duo Gift Set Savoy Steam The Savoy Duo Gift Set
    A ritual fit for those discerning hoteliers, now available in a 100ml eau de parfum and 300ml Body & Hand Wash.
  • The Empressa 100ml and 30ml Gift Set Empressa The Adorned In Pearls Empressa Gift Set
    Penhaligon's rose in the desert, now available as a 100ml and 30ml set.
  • Elisabethan Rose Eau de Parfum 30mlElisabethan Rose Eau de Parfum 30ml Elisabethan Rose Eau De Parfum 30ml
    The delicately regal rose fragrance in 30ml, to accompany a queen on her travels.
  • The Impudent Cousin MatthewThe Impudent Cousin Matthew PORTRAITS The Impudent Cousin Matthew
    "A very bearable lightness of being"
    "Innocence is a virtue but crime pays"
  • Heritage - Bluebell Eau de ToiletteHeritage - Bluebell Eau de Toilette Bluebell Eau de Toilette
    A pure unadulterated distillation of the scent of bluebell woods. Utterly beguiling and unique.
  • LothairLothair Lothair Eau de Toilette
    Lothair opens with the salty tang of grapefruit and juniper, and a brilliant green from fig leaf.
  • Roaring Radcliff Eau de ParfumRoaring Radcliff Eau de Parfum Roaring Radcliff
    "Gloriously, decadently mischievous"
  • Oud de NilOud de Nil Oud De Nil Eau de Parfum
    Exploring the routes leading to the mysterious and captivating Egypt.
  • Agarbathi Eau de ParfumAgarbathi Eau de Parfum Agarbathi Eau de Parfum
    A new addition to the Trade Route. Transport to the temples of India.
  • Savoy Steam Eau de ParfumSavoy Steam Eau de Parfum Savoy Steam Eau de Parfum
    A steam-mist of fresh roses. The stir of floating petals
  • Quercus Cologne 100ml Quercus Quercus Cologne
    Quercus is a modern and invigorating cologne enjoyed by both men and women.
    "An American abroad"
  • Bewitching Yasmine Eau de ParfumBewitching Yasmine Eau de Parfum PORTRAITS The Bewitching Yasmine
    “The dance of the seven veils”
  • Much ado about the DukeMuch ado about the Duke Much Ado About The Duke
    “Flamboyancy isn’t a sin”
    "Sister to Lady Blanche"
  • Clandestine Clara Eau de ParfumClandestine Clara Eau de Parfum PORTRAITS Clandestine Clara
    "Thank the heavens above she is not a Lady."
  • Uncompromising Sohan Eau de ParfumUncompromising Sohan Eau de Parfum PORTRAITS The Uncompromising Sohan
    “The merchant of Alexandria”
  • Heritage - Hammam Bouquet Eau De ToiletteHeritage - Hammam Bouquet Eau De Toilette Hammam Bouquet Eau de Toilette
    An animalic scent, warm and mature, redolent of old books, powdered resins & ancient rooms.
  • The Revenge of Lady BlancheThe Revenge of Lady Blanche The Revenge of Lady Blanche
    “It was a murder but hardly a crime”
  • Heritage - Douro Cologne Eau de PortugalHeritage - Douro Cologne Eau de Portugal Douro Eau de Cologne
    Douro Eau de Portugal is a deep and intensely aromatic cologne.
  • Monsieur Beauregard Eau de ParfumMonsieur Beauregard Eau de Parfum PORTRAITS Monsieur Beauregard
    "There’s no going back."
  • Endymion Concentre Eau de ParfumEndymion Concentre Eau de Parfum Endymion Endymion Concentré Eau de Parfum
    Endymion Concentré is an intense iteration of the original Endymion.
  • Iris Prima Eau De Parfum 100mlIris Prima Eau De Parfum 100ml Iris Prima Iris Prima Eau de Parfum
    Iris Prima is a work of olfactory choreography, with Iris Absolute in the role of Prima Ballerina.
  • Ellenisia Eau de Parfum 100ml Ellenisia Ellenisia Eau de Parfum
    Ellenisia is feminine and sweet, with a discreet dry down, delicate and poignant.
  • Gardenia Eau De Perfum Gardenia Gardenia Eau de Toilette - New
    Gardenia is a translucent watercolour in soft washes of tuberose, jasmine and gardenia.
  • Heritage - Peoneve Eau de ParfumHeritage - Peoneve Eau de Parfum Heritage Eau de Parfum
    An exquisite portrayal of an English garden, bursting with green foliage and flowers.