For The Home

For the Home

Penhaligon’s luxurious scented candles for the home are presented in beautiful packaging, and will fill rooms with incredible fragrances of exotic teas or Penhaligon’s classic perfumes, whilst creating the perfect ambiance.

  • Members Only CandleMembers Only Candle Portraits Members Only
    The conversation is stimulating and free-flowing (just like the brandy).
  • Ode To My Orchids CandleOde To My Orchids Candle Portraits Ode To My Orchids
    That orchids represent refinement, thoughtfulness and beauty is a coincidence.
  • Salon D'Alexandria CandleSalon D'Alexandria Candle Salon D'Alexandria
    Even the most respectable families can indulge the odd late night peccadillo.
  • Anyone For Tea? CandleAnyone For Tea? Candle Portraits Anyone For Tea?
    The furtive gossiping is always discreet, and the air sings with the smell of fresh cake.
  • The Linen Cupboard CandleThe Linen Cupboard Candle Portraits Linen Cupboard
    Wistful for her youthful first kisses (caught by Nanny of course!)... in the Linen cupboard.
  • The Powder Room CandleThe Powder Room Candle Portraits The Powder Room
    Scents of rice powder, her make-up and eau de rose blend together.
  • Silver Plated MistletoeSilver Plated Mistletoe Gift Collections Silver Plated Mistletoe
    Be the envy of all your friends and family this festive season with this elegant silver plated decoration.
  • Assam Tea Candle 750gAssam Tea Candle 750g Tea Collection Assam Luxury Candle
    Our Assam Tea Candle is reviving, shot through with green herbs and glorious sunny rose.
  • Earl Grey Tea Candle 750gEarl Grey Tea Candle 750g Tea Collection Earl Grey Luxury Candle
    A brew of golden fruits, rich rose and smooth sherry wrapped in smoke and citrus.
  • Neroli Tea Candle 750gNeroli Tea Candle 750g Tea Collection Neroli Luxury Candle
    An intoxicating encounter with a blend of orange blossom and jasmine, spiced woods.
  • Tea Candle Collection Box of 3 x 75gTea Candle Collection Box of 3 x 75g Tea Collection Tea Candle Collection Box
    This delightful of miniature candles features the three scents from our Tea Candle collection.
    3 X 75g£42ADD
  • Samarkand Classic Candle 140gSamarkand Classic Candle 140g Samarkand Classic Candle
    Samarkand is a sensual blend of spices and amber, rich sandalwood and warm vanilla.
  • Lily of the Valley Classic CandleLily of the Valley Classic Candle Lily Of The Valley Classic Candle
    This will fill your home with the inviting fragrance of rose, jasmine and lily of the valley.
  • Quercus Classic CandleQuercus Classic Candle Quercus Classic Candle
    Let a light burst of citrus, basil, jasmine and cardamom into your home with this Quercus candle.
  • Malabah Classic Candle 140gMalabah Classic Candle 140g Malabah Classic Candle
    As the night draws in our Malabah classic candle is essential for luscious and warming experience.
  • Maduro Leaf Candle 750gMaduro Leaf Candle 750g Maduro Leaf Candle Luxury Candle
    Maduro Leaf has a scent reminiscent of a smoking room in an elegant gentlemen's club.