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Exclusive - Halfeti  Eau de Parfum & Body and Hand Wash
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Exclusive - Halfeti Eau de Parfum & Body and Hand Wash

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  • Slip into a state of momentary intoxication whilst performing your morning ritual with this opulent Halfeti eau de parfum and luscious hand & body wash, a most reassuringly distinguished melange of oud, amber and patchouli.

    Please note: The Halfeti Eau de Parfum comes without its outer packaging.


    Halfeti 100ml eau de parfum

    Halfeti Body & Hand Wash 300ml

Customer Reviews.

Expensive But Worth It Review
Penhaligons is definitely a pricier company but this perfume smells so amazing and unique - you don't get many perfumes which aren't the typical flor...al or sweet. This lasts for so so long! I sprayed this on my scarf and I could still smell the amazing tones of this 3 weeks later! It was unbelievable. This is an investment, but it will last you a long time and make you smell so so nice.  ... more
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