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Endymion Eau de Cologne Unboxed
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Endymion Eau de Cologne Unboxed

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  • Endymion is a charismatic masculine fragrance, inspired by tales from Greek mythology. Endymion was the most handsome son of Zeus and was placed into perpetual slumber by the Goddess of the Moon so that she alone could gaze upon him. Rich resins, creamy nutmeg and cardamom impart a velvet backdrop to darkly seductive coffee, rounded by the moonlit freshness of mandarin, sage and lavender. This item comes without box.

Customer Reviews

Dissatisfied And Disappointed Review
I have used Endymion since it was first launched and loved this fragrance. Seeing that this was reduced I jumped at the chance to buy two. Upon them, unboxed one arrived broken and the second had very little scent. Replacements were resent but I am very dissatisfied and extremely disappointed with the quality of the fragrance I have been sent compared to my many previous bottles I’ve used over the years. It proves that unboxed bottles of fragrance can be aged and effected by light and theses are. Applying the fragrance they have very little scent and doesn’t last on the skin, compared thses two bottles to a boxed bottle of Endymion I still have it is clear to see/smell that these 100ml’s on offer are poor quality substitutes compared to the regular boxed version sold. Penhaligon’s just seems to be selling off old stock while they reformulate this Endymion fragrance. Don’t buy if you know this sent well as you will be disappointed with these. Sorry but I do love this fragrance but I won’t buy theses unboxed again.  ... more
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