You are my honeysuckle, I am the bee…

  • Posted on 2nd June 2011 by Emily
  • If a man wears a fragrance with beeswax (like our Sartorial eau de toilette and Chanel’s Antaeus) I seem to go a bit weak at the knees. Likewise, I love wearing bold fragrances with lashings of animalic notes so a dab of vintage Shocking by Schiparelli, with its honey and civet notes, rocks my world.

    While visiting my Dad down in Somerset recently, I decided it was finally time to overcome my fears, put on an unflattering bee-suit and have a good old poke about in one of my Dad’s beehives. Here’s  my Dad (a member of the Taunton District Beekeepers no less!) walking calmly down to his hives in a lovely cider apple orchard.

    Firstly, bees are noisy! One buzzing around is not very noticeable but when hundreds are flying around your head and trying to sting you, it’s REALLY loud. I think the look on my face in this picture says it all; inside I am screaming!

    Emily getting close to the bees

    Once the hive was open and I got used to the buzzing, I got to take a little peak inside. The smell was divine, and the warmth emanating from the hive was extraordinary; all that buzzing keeps them nice and toasty evidently. He pointed out the little white eggs which had just been laid by the queen, develop into larvae and had yet to be sealed into their little cells, he explained the difference between drones (they are the lucky boys who get to fertilise the queen but then die!) and the workers (they build the honeycomb, collect the nectar and pollen, make the honey; all the hard stuff poor girls) and by the end of it I didn’t want to run away quite as much.

    I’m sure you all know just how important bees are; apparently one in three mouthfuls of the food we eat is fertilised by bees. Sadly they are dying out and right now they really need our help. So if you feel like doing your bit for our British bees then why not adopt a beehive here and help ensure Beeswax Absolute is still around for us to use in perfumery in 50 years! And to make sure we have honey for our crumpets of course.

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