What's in your Musical Tin?

  • Posted on 12th December 2013 by Marketing Team
  • This Christmas we've created a rather lovely Musical Gift Tin, for you to create your very own gift sets.

    We've received lots of comments on the website and on Facebook asking for recommendaton of what to put in the tins, we put together some combinations to hopefully inspire your Christmas gifts.

    Blenheim Bouquet - our best seller - we thought it deserved not one but two sets for Christmas.. We suggest putting together this Shaving Combination for the post-Movember Gent including Shaving Soap, Aftershave Balm and Bath & Shower Gel.
    If Blenheim isn't your thing Endymion or Quercus would fit in the tin too.
    Lily of the Valley in Musical Tin
    Next a bathing treat for the ladies with Lily of the Valley Bath Oil and a Lily of the Valley Classic Candle for a candle-lit soak in the tub, just the ticket after the endless rounds of Christmas and Sale shopping!
    Malabah and Vanities in Musical Tin
    For an extravagant purchase,what about an aromatic combination of Malabah Eau de Parfum, a Malabah Classic Candle mixed in with a Vanities Hand & Body Cream?

    All our Shower Gels, Classic Candles, Body Lotions and Shaving Soaps come in the same size boxes as illustrated above across all fragrances.  Let your imagination run wild creating your very own bespoke Christmas gift!

    What's more you can get a free Musical Song Bird Tin with all orders over £150. So..what will be in yours?

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