Christmas Survival Guide: Trimming the Tree

  • Posted on 21st November 2017 by Guest - Emma

  • Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat… the nights are getting darker and the clocks just went back. We are certainly starting to feel that there is a nip in the air and once Guy Fawkes Night is out of the way, our thoughts naturally turn to Christmas.

    Never fear! Penhaligon's is on hand to help. Consider this The Penhaligon's Christmas Survival Guide. Step one is trimming the tree.
    For some people, decorating a tree is quite stressful – how do some people make it look so effortless and easy? We have called on the expertise of floral designer, Liz of Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design to share some of her tips.
    Firstly, if you are getting a real tree – and let’s face it there is nothing to compare to the smell of fresh pine at Christmas – then make sure you don’t get it too early.  These days, with the warmer winters, trees don’t last the way they used to and after two weeks it will no longer be the cheery, welcoming face of Christmas but a shrivelled, bald, skeleton of its former self.  If you would like to have a tree for the whole month, treat yourself and order two and ‘refresh’ it after a couple of weeks. 
    Then decide what kind of Christmas look you are after – modern, minimalist and Scandinavian; classical, rich and traditionalist or natural, wholesome and scented.
    A favourite is the natural and scented: dried apple slices suspended on fine silk ribbon, with oranges and cinnamon sticks… pine cones of varying sizes add to the aroma of the tree, intensifying its perfume and filling the space with the smell of Christmas. Simple gold baubles complement the warm colouring of these natural elements whilst warm white fairy lights gently illuminate the dried fruit and cones. 
    The finishing touch is fine trailing ivy, sprayed gold and draped like nature’s tinsel across the branches of the tree.  Left untouched, this will last throughout the period and glow gently in the tree lights.   For a slightly more sumptuous display, puffed up raw silk bows create a beautiful focal point and add poise and elegance to the boughs of the Yuletide display.
    Stay tuned for a rather splendid addition to your tree; a Penhaligon's limited edition bauble with an exclusive Kristjana Williams design!

    Of course, no tree would be complete without the presents waiting in state for the ‘big day’.  Choose your wrapping carefully so the different colours complement each other and accentuate the materials you have used on your tree for a magnificent centre piece to your whole Christmas experience.
    If you like to gift the Penhaligon's way then watch this space! We've been gift wrapping for over a hundred years and have a few tips to share.  

    A few tips if you are using last year’s decorations… steaming the silk bows before adding them to the tree will remove any stale odours and encourage creases to fall out, giving the bows a fresh new look; if you don’t attach the baubles too tightly to the tree you can avoid having to re-hang the baubles each time which will save you a lot of time!  Dried fruit might be ok for a couple of years but unfortunately it will need replacing after that as the scent won’t last and the fruit become shrivelled and a lot less appealing over time.

    Why not pop into The Savoy to see how it's done. The Savoy and Penhaligon’s have joined together to bring the scents of Christmas to the air of London. A classic tree will be adorned with the aforementioned Penhaligon's baubles, and red velvet ribbons. The Savoy’s floral design team, will work tirelessly throughout the night on Saturday 25 November to transform the entire hotel. Hotel guests retiring to bed at The Savoy on Saturday night will wake up to A Savoy Christmas by Penhaligon’s on Sunday 26 November.

    See you there!

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