The Scent of Spring: Bluebells!

  • Posted on 26th April 2011 by Emily
  • On our way to the seaside we stopped off for a quick look…and discovered probably one of the most joyful and beautiful spring sights. I couldn’t resist posting some pictures here on Adventures in Scent. I hope you enjoy them. What they can’t show, of course, is the incredible scent hanging in the warm spring air!  

    bluebell wood in spring

    Bluebells in Dorset

    Bees on Bluebells

    I managed to capture this lovely furry bee gathering pollen, more about bees later in the week! Of course, I can’t talk about Bluebells without mentioning our most famous feminine fragrance Bluebell! Now every time I wear it I am sure I’ll be transported back to this beautiful Dorset wood, the scent of the Bluebells mingling with the damp wood floor and mossy tree bark. Bliss.

    I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.
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    • by Pamela
    • I have loved this perfume ever since many years ago my sister and I met up after a long interval, and this exquisite scent wafted into the room with her. It evoked the wonderful walks we used to take together when we were young among the bluebell woods that surrounded our home. I couldn't believe that anyone could capture it so precisely in a bottle and I knew immediately that this was 'my' scent. It has been on my birthday and Christmas present list ever since. I think of it as a true scent of nature which to my mind is even more precious than one which has been created from scratch by a perfumer however skilled. And I am amazed to think of the skill this took to recreate!
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