The Revenge of Lady Blanche

  • Posted on 26th September 2016 by Louise Rosen

    The Revenge of Lady Blanche

    Lady Blanche is a picture of devotion, charm — and criminal intentions.
    A social butterfly with a dangerous bite one might say.
    Shakespeare did try to warn us “ hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.
    Indeed, a woman does always know. Lady Blanche wishes, oh how she wishes! that she did not.
    The real crime you see is the inelegance of not having kept all of this where it belongs — in the dark, with the lights off! (Cross her at your peril.)

    Her Fragrance

    For those in-the-know.
    A fragrance that announces only its discretion but that makes you sit up and take note.
    Noble ingredients, a tour de force of control, exquisite good taste. Sagacity.
    Wit. And just as you are lulled by life’s felicity into your afternoon-tea gentle reverie — it reminds you that there is a certain finesse — that only people Of Character can master.
    Modestly uplifting. Timelessly present.
    Narcotic Green Floral
    Powdery orris - Narcissus Flower - Hyacinth


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