The Fashion Files Part Five by guest blogger Abi Marvel

  • Posted on 21st February 2012 by Lauren
  • A little bit about you & what you do? We create clothes
    that we love, quite simply.

    What excites you the most about being a designer? Creating collections that you can look back on and feel proud about. We’re not overly fussed about critics & fashion editors – we just want to show the world our clothes and what we can do.

    What can’t you leave the house without? Nothing, to be honest.

    What sort of things do you do in your spare time? When not working, we love to go to roller-disco’s or ice skating. Random we know, but it’s crazy fun.

    Favourite shop? Beyond Retro, and of course Browns too!

    Currently listening to.. I’m Just a Girl by No Doubt

    What’s fashion week like for you? Besides the obvious, business,  fashion week is certainly a defining time in our careers. In the build up to a show the air is always so thick with curiosity & expectations but we try and ‘embrace it’ as it’s hard to avoid.

    Why Eau Sans Pareil? The world of fashion is unpredictable and we have to keep things moving at a fast pace, setting new trends before the consumer can predict what they are. Eau Sans Pareil reflects this element of fashion as it gives you a giddy rush of fruits and forests, which similar to romanticism, makes you want more.

    Abi writes her own fashion blog I am Abimarvel. You can follow her on Twitter here. Please come back and discover the final fragrance profile Abi has in store for us tomorrow!

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