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That moment when the land meets the sea...

  • Posted on 30th August 2015 by Lucy

  • We are delighted to unveil two new perfumes inspired by the extreme, wild and passionate British landscape; that moment where the Land meets the Sea and untamed energy explodes. The fragrances transport you to a world of majestic landscapes, of unceasing movement and energy, celebrating the drama of nature.

    Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, who created our Olfactory interpretation of the English Ballet; Iris Prima, is back, composing the majestic nature of the British coast line into a two different fragrances for men and women: Blasted Heath and Blasted Bloom. He drew inspiration from the northern lands of Scotland, where untamed elements compose a dramatic painting. Imagining both fragrances in the same way a painter depicts the raw energy of nature, capturing the free-spirited landscape. In each, the energy and majesty of the Sea meets the richness of the Land.

    "Both fragrances are for me like paintings of nature. They depict wilderness and the preserved landscape of British seashores. I am a very visual person; I imagined the fragrances like spontaneous photography. I see a powerful wave breaking iteself on the rocks for the masculine fragrance. For the feminine fragrance I was inspired by wild flora under the wind and sea breeze."

    We will be looking at each fragrance in detail in the next blog posts; find out the notes and individual personalities of Blasted Heath and Blasted Bloom. .

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