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Stuffing our faces with perfume at LFW!

  • Posted on 29th February 2012 by Lauren
  • Their taste buds I hear you say? That’s right, in a twist on the notion of scent we and Meadham Kirchhoff worked with Edinburgh based chocolatier, The Chocolate Tree to create an exclusive confection, inspired by one of our fragrances, Eau Sans Pareil. The scent, a shimmering chypre, was chosen specifically by Ben and Edward to reflect their 70s inspired collection.

    The Meadham Kirchhoff catwalk resembled a psychedelic nightclub complete with dazzling lights and a flashing dance floor. Models walked (and danced) down the runway in an array of vibrant sequins, glitter, faux fur and silk.

    Meadham Kirchhoff

    We’ve already started counting down the days until LFW returns this September….who knows what surprises Ben and Edward will have in store for us next time!

    You can check out the rest of the photos from the show on our Facebook page here.

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    • by Matisse
    • Lily of the Valley is my birth month flower, and as a child, I used to love gathering them in fragrant bouquets from our backyard garden. When I married, I longed for them in my wedding bouquet, but our timing was wrong for their blooming season. Finally, I discovered the wonderful essence of my favorite flower...thank you Penhaligon! It takes me back to happy hours as a child, and is a joy to wear each day.
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