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Story of No.33 - Part Two

  • Posted on 17th July 2015 by Lucy

  • William Penhaligon was a man at the cutting edge of grooming in his time as a barber. He created treatments for the skin as well as scents, tonics and hairdressings with his son Walter above their shop at 33 St James Street.
    Penhaligon’s have a trusted 145 year history of providing discerning men with our grooming solutions, we are firmly establishing ourselves in the field of male grooming with a range of 5 key products designed to suit the skincare needs of the conscientious modern gentleman.

    Our Wellington Street Flagship Boutique with the new No.33 window display

    The new grooming collection comprises of a Cleanser, Face & Beard Scrub, Moisturiser and Eye Cream. A complete range for the face formulated specifically for a man’s skin, scented with No.33.

    No.33 Cleanser
    A purifying and brightening cleanser to sweep away daily grime and pollutants, with fruit acids for gentle exfoliation and vegetable extracts to balance the skins oil production.

    Face & Beard Scrub
    An invigorating scrub for smoother skin on the face and beneath the beard. A natural exfoliant, apricot kernel, helps slough away dead skin, preparing the skin for shaving or dealing with unwanted dryness.

    A lightweight and fast absorbing moisturiser, with an energising formula of herbal and anti-oxidant ingredients to reduce the appearance of ageing and revitalise the skin.

    Eye Cream
    A hydrating and reinvigorating cream for the delicate eye area, with firming and tightening plant extracts.

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