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Something Scented... Fragrances for that Special Day

  • Posted on 30th April 2013 by Alex
  • The venue is sorted, food, dress, bridesmaids, music, guests, family politics, shoes, veils, favours, gifts, transport, the honeymoon, all done and dusted. But have you thought about how you would like to be scented as you walk down the aisle? Or how you would like your partner to smell as they wait patiently for you as vows are spoken and exchanged?
    Smell is one of the most emotive senses we possess, plugged directly into the limbic system of the brain, the area responsible for emotional memory. So wearing a new scent on your wedding day will imprint that scent and its associated memories on you forever.
    Few people consider scent in the busy period leading up to a wedding or civil partnership. But the right choice of scent can create the most amazing impact on the senses and on those around you. Opening up a bottle of something you have carefully chosen and put away until the morning of your wedding day will have resonance and symbolism.  Spraying it lavishly over your skin for the first time, filling the air, drops of scent falling on your dress. As you prepare for your big day, the fragrance you have chosen seeps in your consciousness and frames your memories in blossoms, balms, musks and amber.
    Choosing a wedding fragrance can be a little trickier than just thinking about everyday scents. At Penhaligon’s we love a wedding scent and can advise you about the kinds of fragrance you might want to consider. Of course you could in theory wear any style of fragrance you wanted to, but you’re getting married, so think romantic, statement, lets go floral, traditional, a single note scent or something overflowing with white flowers. How about Orange Blossom, celebrating a flower traditionally associated with purity and innocence, perfect for weddings? Or the soft subtle skin tones of powdered vanilla as you say ‘I Do’ in Artemisia?  Then there is Ellenisia, a sweepingly dramatic bouquet of white flowers with plum nectar and vanilla, perfect for a swooningly romantic day of special moments. For something a little more edgy, there is Amaranthine, huge levels of jasmine and the aphrodisiac oil ylang ylang. A tropical floral, it is a fragrance for the more daring bride, deeply sensual and curvaceous in design.  
    Sometimes the flowers in a bouquet can give an indication to what fragrance might be perfect for the wedding. Orange blossom, lily of the valley, roses, green foliage, peonies and gardenias. There are so many possibilities, but the most important thing is finding a fragrance that imprints itself on your special day and ensures that every time you smell it, your chosen scent will remind you of all things wedding, love and forever-ness.  
    Suggested wedding fragrances:
    The Traditional Bride: Orange Blossom, Elisabethan Rose, Lily of the Valley
    The Eternal Romantic: Ellenisia, Peoneve, Gardenia
    The Non-Conformist: Amaranthine, Malabah, Night Scented Stock
    The Holiday Bride: Vaara, Malabah, Zizonia
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    • by malcolm
    • Us blokes also love to smell nice- I hope you will do a similar feature with the same amount of detail for the benefit of the groom- remember we are not there just to make up the numbers - Lol ! I have used Penhaligon's for over 20 years (Sheila Pickles reign) and still get asked today what I am wearing- it is so unique - a classic - my son and new son-in-law are now followers of Penhaligon's. My youngest will need your feedback- he marries in July. Keep up your usual high standards - Malcolm
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