Scented Visions

  • Posted on 10th September 2012 by Lauren
  • The exhibition opens  on the 12th of September and will illustrate how the Pre-Raphaelites constitute Britain’s first modern art movement.

    Hosted by art historian Christina Bradstreet and Odette Toilette, the multi sensory tour is a unique opportunity to explore the historical associations of scent and its influence upon the interpretation of the paintings. Clever huh?

    We don’t want to give away too much but we can reveal that Penhaligon’s will be making an appearance at some point!  Odette Toilette says of our inclusion within the multi sensory tour; ‘With the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition having the strapline of -Victorian Avant Garde – and a celebration of 19th century British art, we’re obviously very pleased to be incorporating Penhaligons and as much in the way of English perfumery as possible.’

    Book your tickets for this multi sensory adventure before they all go!

    Which other exhibitions would you like to view from an olfactory perspective?

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