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Penhaligon's x GarconJon

  • Posted on 29th July 2015 by HQ Writer… Erin

  • This Summer we wanted to talk about several things. Firstly, our 145 years of Heritage. We've been celebrating in store and telling the stories of some of our most iconic fragrances. From our beginnings as barbers through to more recent perfumes, our commitment to quality, service and storytelling have defined us. Continuing the theme, we launched the No.33 Eau de Cologne and grooming range. Named for one of our first stores at 33 St. James's Street and a true reflection of both where we come from and where we're going. A new classic with a twist.

    The whole Summer has been a celebration of the Penhaligon's Gentleman. He has obvious taste and discernment, but also character and a certain undefinable something. We worked with renowned men's style photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce (also known as blogger GarconJon) to illustrate what a modern gentleman looks like today. Studio portraits and street style shots have been curated delightfully to show what being #verypenhaligons looks like. We hope you enjoy.

    "I’ve travelled the menswear circuit from London to Florence, Milan and Paris over the past six years capturing some of the most sophisticated men in the world: contemporary gentlemen. A gentleman is someone who cannot be entirely characterised in words, and the concept goes well beyond style. These days a gentlemen is not about acquisition, but creation.
    When Penhaligons approached me to work on a new project about men's style, I knew I wanted to explore the concept of gentlemanliness further. The brand itself is a beacon on traditional masculinity but with the flare and artistry that is uniquely British. I wanted to somehow weave this into our book so in selecting the subjects it became clear that a traditional approach wouldn’t deliver. Today’s gentlemen come from diverse backgrounds, they have depth, an introspective nature, good manners and a sharp wit. We selected gents from a wide range of backgrounds and of all ages who've found themselves working and excelling in creative fields.

    In GENTLEMEN the Londoners and Parisians almost lift themselves off the page and mingle with the Penhaligon’s fragrances, creating an atmosphere of endeavor and refinement. It may be their profession, a glint in the eye, or a certain posture — all contribute to a robust conversation. My on-going challenge is to stay ahead of this truly organic phenomenon both on the street and in the studio.
    " Jonathan Daniel Pryce 

    You'll find GENTLEMEN in any of our boutiques, waiting for you to peruse at your leisure.
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    • Fabulous!
    • by Ross
    • I think what your doing is marvellous. It has certainly made me more interested in whats going on in Penhaligon's!!
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