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  • Posted on 8th October 2017 by Louise Rosen

  • All elegant homes share a sense of order and a (discrete) display of good taste. Refinement requires a certain attention to detail. To this end, the perfume of each and every room (the more rooms the better) should never be overlooked.
    And of course, every perfume needs it’s own room...

    Salon d’Alexandria
    (Empirical Decorum)

    It is always better to give than to receive. And indeed, when receiving (one’s guests) it is important to give generously. Many of the London’s most promising introductions began in the drawing room, the salon. Maybe that’s why the word is now in French?
    Even the most respectable families can indulge the odd late night peccadillo.
    Shall we withdraw?
    Entertaining with elegance

    Any one for Tea?
    (It’s from somewhere called Limoges)

    A social event it would be an error to miss. Indeed, the Duke never does.
    The muffled atmosphere is conducive to sleep, the furtive gossiping is always discreet, and the air sings with the smell of fresh cake.
    The only challenge is to avoid subjects of importance. It might lead one to express an opinion - and that would never do.
    Conversation - the art of saying nothing in particular at all

    The Powder Room
    (100 brush strokes)

    Lady Blanche has inherited a regal allure and (how fitting) the most porcelain white complexion. She is also Mistress of female-friendly advice, dispensed from her Boudoir. A busy place. But not for the reasons you might imagine.
    Scents of rice powder, her make-up and eau de rose blend together and create a delicately enticing atmosphere.
    Not tonigh

    Ode to my Orchids
    (Between 50 and 80 degrees)

    That orchids represent refinement, thoughtfulness and beauty is a coincidence. The Countess has always harboured an enthusiasm (a weakness?) that defies reason. To her son George’s eternal despair, it is not for her family, but for her jardin d’hiver. Everyone needs a secret garden.

    Please do not touch

    Linen Cupboard
    (Musk makes me quite mad)

    Of course, she should not be downstairs. But sometimes Duchess Rose cannot resist the musky notes of the freshly laundered linen. So she will go and enquire about the weather, or the post, or Tea - and on the way back get lost.

    Wistful for her youthful first kisses (caught by Nanny of course!)... in the Linen cupboard.

    Oh gosh, I’ve lost an earring

    Members Only
    (Gentlemen-ly pleasures)

    Gentlemen only, of course.
    After dinner - and sometimes before - the urban Gentlemen of this clan retire for a moment of respite, a game of cards, or a drop of fine brandy. The conversation is stimulating and free-flowing (just like the brandy).
    At ease in an old Chesterfield, warmed by the fire, the atmosphere is filled with cigars and leather.
    Rolled in Havana
    All the way from Cuba

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