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Penhaligon's & Cereal Magazine

  • Posted on 4th September 2015 by Matt

  • When we began thinking about how to illustrate the inspiration behind Blasted Heath and Blasted Bloom, we were looking for ways to show the drama of the British Coast with elegance without it seeming melodramatic. We always look for ways to tell our stories differently and Cereal’s aesthetic perfectly fit with what we had in mind; organic and dramatic but also clean and fresh. From the first meeting it was clear that Rosa completely understood the fragrances and we had a treat in store.
    Rosa Park, Editor in Chief Cereal Magazine:
    “When Matthew reached out to us about potentially working together on the 'blasted heath' film project, we jumped at the opportunity because Penhaligon’s is a brand we love and respect at Cereal. Not only does Penhaligon’s create some of the most beautiful, iconic scents available today, but it also has a distinct air of elegance and classic style that I’m drawn to. We knew that we could produce something special in collaboration with the brand, and when I was told about the story behind the Blasted Heath and Bloom fragrances, I was on board.
    “Blasted Heath is all about that moment of impact when land meets sea, and that particular imagery resonates deeply with our magazine. We have a passion for the sea and striking coastlines, and have covered quite a number of coasts around the world in the title. So this project was an opportunity to bring that imagery to life in moving picture. It was the perfect merger of Penhaligon’s and Cereal in my opinion.
    “We decided to shoot in Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales as it was important that the coastline was in the UK for this scent. Pembrokeshire features a dramatic, rugged coastal terrain - we covered it in Cereal Volume 2 and made it the cover image - and we knew we’d be able to capture the kind of footage that Penhaligon’s wanted for Blasted Heath there. I think the steel blue of the moving water and the geometric rock formation that it crashes against make the perfect combination that transcends seasonality. It’s a pairing that feels hauntingly beautiful and refreshing no matter what time of year. This is what we tried to capture on film.
    “To create a reverie-like ambiance - because a scent should be able to do that, transport you to another realm - we made sure to get footage where the camera is submerged in water. So you get that more frequently towards the end of the film sequence, and i think it creates the intended effect as we build up towards the drama of the epic crash.”

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