Outgrowing a Fragrance by guest blogger Pretty in Dayton

  • Posted on 24th May 2011 by Lauren
  • One afternoon I was taking a break from my studies when my roommate walked in fresh out of the shower. She was getting ready for an evening in the city with her boyfriend.  As she entered the room, this delicious ethereal fragrance followed her every step.  The scent was youthful, casual, and very sexy! After I learned what it was, I promptly ordered my first bottle of Versace Red Jeans.

    Versace Red Jeans Fragrance

    For a few years I was faithful to my Red Jeans.  I wore it everywhere and for every occasion. Nearly every time I wore it, at least one member of the opposite sex would approach me and say “You smell really good!” The compliments I received always boosted my mood. For me the fragrance developed an association with confidence and fun with a splash of sexy.

    I gave up my Red Jeans in 2004 when I married my husband. I thought it was too casual so I settled on Gucci II, another fruity floral, and Lolita Lempicka which was more oriental.  For me these fragrances are less musky than Red Jeans and I began to interchangeably wear them every day.

    Flash forward to 2008. I was nearing 30. I was working longer hours and my husband and I were more focused on our careers than each other. I missed the days of my early 20s. One day, I pulled my dusty bottle of Versace Red Jeans off the back of my perfume shelf.  I spritzed it on and like magic I felt more alive. An hour later, one of my male friends  said “I like the perfume you’re wearing.” A small compliment that gave me a huge boost in self-confidence – I was still the vivacious person I used to be! 

    After ordering a backup bottle, a guilty knot formed in my stomach. Did I really still want to wear this perfume? Or was it the flattery from my male friend? My UNMARRIED male friend? Then it hit me:   what I thought was a “youthful” scent was actually broadcasting “availability”. I was wearing Man Magnet perfume!  

    I was in a completely different time of my life. I realised I needed a perfume that helped me feel confident. Sexy was ok, but I needed to feel sexy for me, not for someone else.  I had outgrown Versace Red Jeans! I do not believe in there being an appropriate age for a perfume, but the incident with my friend made me realise that there is a time and place for certain scents.

    Artemisia Fragrance by Penhaligons

    After a long search, Penhaligon’s Artemisia became my confident, comfortable, sexy-for-me scent. This subtle, sexy fruity floral gives me the confidence to be myself right now. I know I like it for me.  At the age of 32, that’s exactly what I need.

    About our guest blogger: We’re pleased to introduce our first American guest blogger, Pretty in Dayton.  Sarah started her beauty blog a few years ago after relocating for her career and continues to blog avidly about beauty products and makeup techniques. Sarah was snapped with her new scent, Artemisia, by her friend (and fellow blogger) Kara Lock.

    We wanted to feature Sarah’s story about outgrowing her scent as most of us have experienced this at some point in our lives!  Let us know your story; did you discover a new scent as you entered a new phase of life? Or are you true to your original fragrance?

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