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Orange Blossoms

  • Posted on 2nd May 2012 by Alex
  • There are few trees as prolific as the orange; it is one of the rare plants that blooms and bears fruit at the same time, thus becoming symbolic of fruitfulness and motherhood. In the Victorian art of floriography, an orange blossom represents eternal Love.

    Floriography: Orange Blossom

    Orange blossoms possess botanical qualities which give them a unique and enduring place in wedding tradition. Queen Victoria created the vogue for wearing a wreath of orange blossoms in the Victorian-era after she wore them on her on her wedding day in 1840. More recently, Jacqueline Kennedy also wore orange blossoms at her wedding ceremony.  This association can be traced as far back as the mythology of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Greek mythology holds that when the goddess Hera married Zeus, the King of Heaven, she was given orange blossoms by Gaea, the goddess of earth and fertility.

    Prince Albert and Queen Victoria

    Originally created in 1976, Penhaligon’s Orange Blossom was transformed into a luminous honeyed floral by master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour as part of the Anthology collection. Lush with Calabrian orange and bergamot, tempered with Virginian cedar, rose and peach flower. Wearing Orange Blossom is like walking from shade into warm sunshine.

    Anthology Orange Blossom Fragrance

     We’ve told you what Orange Blossom means in the language of flowers but can you decode this bouquet below? Leave a comment below telling us what you think it is and one lucky winner will be picked at random to win a bottle of Orange Blossom Eau de Toilette (100ml).

    Flower Competition

    • Comments
    • Bouquet
    • by natalie
    • I think that the bouquet represents the ups and downs of everyday life, red roses for the intense moments, white for the calm moments and lavender for the nice, joyful moments.
    • Sans
    • by SORACE
    • je recherche eau de toilette "le couvent des minimes"fleur d'oranger ORANGE BLOSSON
    • Mrs
    • by Amanda Davidson
    • I think the meaning behind this bouquet would be falling in love and being completely intoxicated by their presence
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